Little House on the Prairie:The first time Melissa Gilbert drank, she was with Michael Landon's daughter

Melissa Gilbert rapidly made friends with Michael Landon's kids, Leslie and Michael Jr., after she was cast as Laura Ingalls on Little House on the Prairie (who she dated for a bit as a young teenager). 

Gilbert was first informed by Leslie that she had been cast in the role of Laura. Additionally, she was the actor from Little House's first partner in intoxication. Melissa Gilbert first drank alcohol while traveling with the cast of "Little House on the Prairie."

Gilbert traveled to Hawaii with the Little House on the Prairie cast and their families when she was 15 years old. Gilbert's mother traveled with her to the island, but the teenagers would stick back and cause trouble at the hotel while the grownups went out to supper. 

Gilbert and Leslie Landon were joined by Tracy Wald, Helen Reddy's daughter, "whose family was also on vacation at the hotel," the night they overindulged in alcohol in Hawaii. Wald proposed the concept to the other two when the three of them met together one evening.

In her memoir, Prairie Tale, Gilbert recalled, "The three of us parked ourselves in front of the minibar and drank everything in it." We had Baileys Irish Cream, which I liked, as well as vodka, rum, wine, champagne, and Crown Royal. Melissa Gilbert and Leslie Landon's hangover made them wish they were dead.

Gilbert wrote, "We became rip-roaring intoxicated." Sick and intoxicated. We were sprinting erratically through the Kahala's corridors. I, or any of us, had no idea that you weren't supposed to combine different kinds of booze or consume alcohol till you puked, passed out, or both. Naturally, Gilbert and Landon were in poor condition the following morning, "feeling like we were an inch from death and hoping with each throb of our heads that we were dead."

Just barely, the girls managed to make it to the shore.

Gilbert penned, "We slouched in chairs on the sand and hid ourselves from the world under layers of towels." "I'm sure we were moaning, too." How Michael Landon responded to his daughter's night out with Melissa Gilbert

Michael Landon came over to Gilbert and Leslie as they were writhing in agony in the sand, carrying "two glasses of what appeared to be tomato juice."

He remarked, "I hear you two had a little adventure last night.

Gilbert and Leslie both started sobbing.

Instead of crying out of fear or humiliation, Gilbert claimed that he and the other person were crying out of the anguish they were experiencing and the relief they believed he might bring. "Mike gave a glass to everyone of us. It was a Bloody Mary. After giving the girls their beverages, Landon expressed his confidence that they wouldn't act in a similar manner again, and they gave him their word that they would.

Melissa Gilbert believes there ought to have been repercussions for her underage drinking in the past.

Gilbert didn't have any consequences other than their conversation with Landon. The performer now believes that her initial experience with drinking sends the incorrect message. I was relieved at the time, she wrote. "Now I'm not so convinced I shouldn't have had a talking to," the person said.

It would have been beneficial for me to learn that, like everyone else's actions, mine had effects on both me and others around me, she said. Such a lesson shouldn't be undervalued; nobody lives in a bubble, not even the wealthiest members of Hollywood. As with so many people around me, whether young and old, I would have to figure out this fundamental lesson for myself.


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