Wilmer Valderrama and a barn, according to spoilers for NCIS season 20?

Even though season 20 of NCIS is on break until the middle of November, that doesn't mean that the cast and crew are also taking a break. A lot of work is still going on behind the scenes, and we're happy to learn more about it! 

Check out Wilmer Valderrama's new Instagram Story if you want to see more proof of this. In this picture, you can see that he is on set in what looks like a barn. 

What is going on in this place? In a funny way, we've seen this show in similar situations before, like when Gibbs was coming to an end. (We don't think this has anything to do with Gibbs; we think it's just for a case.) 

So, where are all of the people who work on NCIS right now? Well, we do think that at this point they are working on stories for the new year. Don't forget that they are already working on the three-part crossover between NCIS: Los Angeles and NCIS: Hawaii, which is set to air sometime in January. 

This could be from either that episode or another one that airs around it. Crossovers can make things a little more complicated because the schedule gets a little out of order. 

For now, just know that this season still has a lot of big things to come. We really want Torres to be happy, and we hope there are some real chances for that to happen. This person has been through a lot over the years, and it wasn't until Dr. Confalone helped them decide to open up more to the team that they did so.


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