Momo agent imprisoned for making incorrect transfer totaling GHS30,000

As a Mobile Money agent, a woman was imprisoned for making a mistaken transfer.

She claims that instead of sending GH3,000 to a customer, she sent GH30,000.

It was too late to undo the error when she later recognized that she had made the incorrect transfer. Her employer then had her arrested as a result.

She was taken to court and imprisoned as a result of her inability to return the money and her futile attempt to get the customer to cancel the transaction.

The woman who was a well-known MomO representative at Afariwa in Tema Golf City sobbed hysterically in an extremely depressing video.

She continued by saying that her employer was unwilling to make concessions and that all of her demands were ignored. She had to stay behind the chilly jail walls for 2.5 years. If she was eventually released, she would also be required to pay the money.

After her tale was shared, it took the kindness of Crime Check Ghana to secure her release.

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