Black Sherif tells the world for the first time why he doesn't own a fancy car yet.

Budding and talented Ghanaian musician who performs under the stage name Black Sherif – Has revealed that he doesn’t own an expensive luxury car yet. 

The man who made the hit "Kwaku The Traveller" says that he is currently focused on making sure his work is of the highest quality. This is why he puts the money he makes from his music back into his videos and other career-related things. 

Black Sherif told Kwame Sefa Kayi on OKAY FM in an exclusive interview that he is currently obsessed with making his career a success, which is why he doesn't spend a lot of money on cars. 

The singer explained why he doesn't have a fancy car yet by saying that he's still very young and that having a fancy car is the least of his worries. 

The fact that Black Sherif doesn't have a fancy car right now is a very smart and admirable choice. 

Many young bands spend a lot of money on cars, shoes, and clothes in the first few months after they hit it big, and then they go broke. 

Reinvesting in your career is a very smart move, and I hope that Black Sherif can teach other musicians how to do it.

To find out more, watch the video below...


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