The pilot episode of "Little House on the Prairie" has more action than we thought.

During the first episode of Little House on the Prairie, there was a lot going on. If you haven't watched the series in a while, you might not remember how many times you're on the edge of your seat.

We get to follow Laura Ingalls and her family as they travel to a new land and learn about it. Charles Ingalls, who is played by Michael Landon, starts from scratch to build a house, fights wolves, puts out a fire, and learns how to live in the middle of nowhere. Here are the things that happened in the pilot for Little House on the Prairie.

The journey of "Little House on the Prairie" starts.

The first part of the first episode of Little House on the Prairie is a voiceover by Laura Ingalls Wilder (played by Melissa Gilbert). She talks about how they are going to leave their small house in the big woods. Laura says, "If I had a memory book, I'd write down what it was like when we left our little house in the big woods to go west to Indian territory." Charles Ingalls, her father, tells her that the family has to leave the big woods because there are now so many people living there that there isn't enough game to hunt. He was worried that they might run out of food.

When Charles looks back at the house they've lived in for all those years, he feels a lot of emotion. He looks like he doesn't want to go, but he knows it's best. The hardest thing is seeing Charles's wife, Caroline, hug her parents and say goodbye. Once more, Laura's voiceover tells the audience that Ma told them they might never see their grandparents again.

Even though they were moving to a place they didn't know, Laura was glad that her father would be there to protect them and that their dog, Jack, wouldn't be too far behind. She said that Jack was "her best and most loyal friend."

Charles has trouble getting the horses to pull the wagon across the water at one point. He needs to get out of the wagon and take control of the horses. Caroline gets scared and calls for Charles, but he is finally able to get across. Everything is fine until Laura finds out that Jack is gone. Charles goes back to try to find Jack, but he can't. Charles says to Caroline that he thinks Jack drowned. Laura is heartbroken.

Jack is back.

Jack finds the family in some way. Laura sobs and gives Jack a hug. Charles, who is also happy, gives Jack a tight hug and says a prayer. Charles says, "We thank the Lord for giving us back our good and dear friend."

Charles plays his fiddle in the next scene. It was probably his way of showing how happy he was when Jack got home. Laura tells Charles she's sorry she thought he didn't care about Jack's death when he drowned. Charles says he's sorry he didn't put Jack in the wagon when they crossed the river.

The fire starts at the Ingalls' house.

Charles is walking home when he sees something horrifying: his house is on fire. He and his family run to get water buckets to put out the fire. The roof is one part of the house that they have trouble getting to. It keeps going, and the fire keeps getting bigger. Caroline gets scared when Charles climbs up on the roof and tries hard to save the house.

A miracle happens all of a sudden. It starts to rain, and the fire goes out. Caroline lets out a sigh of relief when Charles jumps off the roof. Caroline is happy, but she is also worried that the Indian tribe might have tried to burn down their house to get them to leave.

The family of Charles Ingalls meets Mr. Edwards.

The next day, Charles finds out that Isaiah Edwards is their neighbor (played by Victor French). Charles and Caroline are happy that they'll have help building their house. But at first, Caroline doesn't like him. She calls him "uncivilized" because he doesn't know how to behave properly. When she sees him teaching Laura how to spit, she feels disgusted.

When Mr. Edwards comes over for Christmas dinner, Caroline starts to like him more. He gets nice gifts for Laura, Mary, and Carrie. During dinner, he also gives Caroline a bunch of sweet potatoes. They've made a new friend and neighbor.

Charles gets a letter that makes him sad.

Charles gets a letter at the end of the episode that says they have to leave. He tells Caroline, "The Kansas tribe sent a request to Washington." "We need to leave. The government drew a new line, and we're on the wrong side, so we have to leave." Charles, his family, and Mr. Edwards pack up and say goodbye.


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