Power Book II: Ghost season 3 premiere date: September hopes


We know that each day brings us closer to the date when Power Book II: Ghost season 3 will start on Starz. So, are we going to hear something official about that this month? Is that a reasonable thing to hope for? 

Even though nothing is certain right now, we still think that a date will be announced soon. Season 3 has already been made, so why wait to tell viewers what's going on? 

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The most important thing we can say is that Starz has a great chance this month to announce when Ghost will start airing, since they are already airing Raising Kanan. It makes perfect sense to use some of this corporate synergy. 

Also, some news coming out this month makes sense in terms of time. Just think about it this way: if the show is coming back in November, which makes sense, you might as well let people know the date about 60 days ahead of time. We might not get a date in the next week or two, but we should get one this month. We definitely need to hear that news! 

As part of a date... 

Can you give us a sneak peek? Even if it's only for about thirty seconds, a small tease is always better than nothing at all. 

What do you want to see most when the third season of Power Book II: Ghost starts on Starz? 

Make sure to share right away in the comments below. Once you've done that, you can come back for more news about the show. (Photo: Starz.)


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