Heartland Season 16: Release Date and What We Know So Far

After 15 successful seasons, Heartland (2007) is without a doubt the most popular drama series for horse lovers today. 

Heartland shows what the Fleming-Bartlett family, especially horse trainer Amy Fleming, does and where she goes. 

With its heartwarming stories, great character arcs, and beautiful horses, the show has gained over a million fans over the years. 

Fans have been waiting impatiently to hear about the show's future since Season 15 ended in December of last year. 

Today, we're happy to share some exciting news with you. In this article, we talk about what we know so far about Season 16 of Heartland: 

When will Season 16 of Heartland come out? 

CBC just announced that Season 16 of Heartland will start on October 2, 2022. The show was picked up by the network for a second season on June 1, almost exactly a year after Heartland was picked up for a 15th season. 

What better way to start the summer of 2022 than to hear that our favorite show will be back for another season? With new episodes coming out in just a few weeks, Heartland fans all over the world are getting very excited. 

Amy Fleming, who plays Amber Marshall, tells the good news on her YouTube channel: 

From what I've heard, it sounds like Marshall and the other Heartland actors have known about Season 16 for a long time. But, as always, they signed a contract saying they couldn't say anything before the official announcement. 

Even though the show is very popular, CBC had another reason to give Heartland Season 16 the green light this year. The show has made it into the top three for the Cogeco Audience Choice Award at the 2022 Canadian Screen Awards. 

This great accomplishment shows that Heartland has a lot of fans and points to a bright future for the show. 

How many episodes does Season 16 of Heartland have? 

Unlike the last three seasons, Season 16 of Heartland will have 15 episodes that are each an hour long. This is more than the 10 episodes from seasons 13 through 15. 

The Fleming-Bartlett family has finally come to terms with Ty's death in the last season. Amy has talked to his killer face-to-face and is now ready to move on to the next part of her life. 

Heartland's 16th season looks like it will be a fresh start for Amy and many other characters as well. 

Lou and Peter are officially back together, and it will be interesting to see how they get along as a family again. 

Lyndy, meanwhile, has started kindergarten, where she is likely to make new friends and go on her own adventures. 

With Amy in charge and Logan as a permanent assistant, the horse therapy center should be one of the best parts of the next season. 

Amy Fleming as played by Amber Marshall 

Samantha, played by Michelle Morgan Louise "Lou" Fleming Morris 

Jackson "Jack" Bartlett is played by Shaun Johnston. 

Georgina "Georgie" Fleming Morris is played by Alisha Newton. 

Peter Morris is played by Gabriel Hogan 

Tim Fleming is played by Chris Potter. 

Jessica Steen as Lisa Stillman 

Kerry James as Caleb Odell


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