Guard for Queen Elizabeth II suddenly falls down while standing on coffin podium

 A guard who was watching over the Queen's coffin on a podium in Westminster Hall was caught on camera suddenly passing out. 

Two police officers saw the Royal guard fall to the ground before they came to his aid. 

As the Queen's body was taken out of St. Giles' Cathedral in Edinburgh, the guard fell down. 

A Royal guard passed out and fell off the platform where he was guarding the coffin of Queen Elizabeth II. 

Mirror says that when he fell to the ground, police officers rushed to help him. Huge lines of mourners have been winding through the streets of London to see the Queen lying in state at Westminster Hall before her funeral on September 19. 

On September 14, soldiers marched with the body from Buckingham Palace. 

But one of the guards at Westminster Hall suddenly passed out, which showed that the stress was too much for him. As he fell to the ground, people gasped, and the moment was caught on video. It happened as the guards were switching places, and one of them looked like he was shaking before he fell. Before the video cut off and went to pictures of the Houses of Parliament, you could see two police officers running over to pick him up. The video got a lot of attention on social media, and some people said he was too sad about Queen's death to make the video. 

Video shows Ghanaian chiefs giving the Queen a lot of gold during her 1961 visit. 

The British Pathe film, which was uploaded to YouTube on April 13, 2014, shows a durbar of chiefs and people held for the Queen and her husband at the former capital of the Gold Coast.


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