Season 2 of "Power Book III: Raising Kanan" Will See Unique Seeking Revenge


Power Book III: Raising Kanan is set in the 1990s and chronicles Kanan Stark's maturation (Mekai Curtis). Kanan has been drawn into the drug trade by his mother Raquel "Raq" Thomas (Patina Miller), a cocaine kingpin, but the youngster isn't quite ready for it. 

Kanan is still hurting from what happened in the previous season, and Raq has enraged rival drug dealer Unique (Joey Bada$$). The drug boss will now seek retribution.

'Raising Kanan' differs in that it is based on two characters from 1990s movies. 

Power Book III: Raising Kanan has always had a compelling character in Unique. He was Raq's main competition in the drug trade when we first met him. He underestimated her, though, largely because she is a woman. 

According to Joey Bada$$, the inspiration for his character came from two infamous 1990s film characters. He admitted to Hip Hop DX, "Of course, I grew up watching movies like New Jack City and Juice. In addition to my own observations as a young child with many of my uncles and relatives and just being from New York and seeing genuine folks like that in the streets, I want to say Nino Brown and Bishop were probably my big influences for Unique. 

It's interesting to note that Mario Van Peebles, who directed New Jack City, also helmed Raising Kanan's season 2 premiere. 

Joey Bada$$ claims that Unique would seek retribution in season 2. 

Unique got released from prison at the conclusion of the season 2 premiere. As far as we know, Kanan really pulled the trigger, but Raq had him accused of killing Detective Howard (Omar Epps). Joey Bada$$ claims that Unique will seek vengeance now that he is no longer in custody. 

He explained to Shadow and Act that "[his thinking] is rage, it's dissatisfaction, there's resentment." There is the emotion of wanting retribution since it is one thing to lose to an enemy, but it is quite another to be falsely accused of or implicated in something you did not commit. I believe Unique will use every means required to return to his previous position. 

He and Raq are undoubtedly headed for a full-scale conflict. 

Power Book III: Kanan's Upbringing Season 2 will provide many answers. 

Uncertainty surrounds Unique's future actions. Despite being released from prison, he has no group to join, making it impossible for him to even take on Raq. He has, however, always been exceedingly intelligent and tenacious. Raising Kanan's upcoming season, according to Curtis, will provide a wealth of information regarding every single character. 

"I'm really thrilled every time folks get to learn more about how Kanan evolved into the Kanan they saw on the first Power," said the fan. I'm excited for people to learn about those, even more, this year, and I'm excited to see the conversations that it sparks, he told Essence. "There are so many unresolved issues and so many things that were folded in the first season. 

We ponder who will introduce Kanan to Breeze—perhaps Unique.


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