"Dr UN’s award is better than VGMA" – Blakk Rasta

Blakk Rasta, a well-known Ghanaian singer and presenter of reggae music, believes that the Vodafone Ghana Music Awards are meaningless.

The distinguished broadcaster has never concealed his fury at the awards' organizers over some of their activities that he feels are unfair to musicians.

Blakk Rasta asserts that the Dr. UN's award, which some Ghanaians believe to be a fraud, is superior to the VGMAs.

He claimed in an interview that the VGMA is meaningless since they auction off its prizes to the highest bidder.

He went on to say that at least Dr. UN had not requested votes from the public and had instead given his awards to diligent and talented Ghanaians who had excelled in their respective industries.

His honors will even surpass the VGMA, a pointless award, in quality. Because people are voting, this VGMA is a pointless prize. They are corrupt because they are buying votes. When questioned why he didn't nominate me, Dr. UN responded that Blakk Rasta was more important than my accolades. The point is that you must cast a vote when the VGMA decides who gets what prize. Voting is sold to the highest bidder, or the person with the most votes.

"They'll ask you, "Did you vote?," and they're not even ashamed of it. You are sobbing because you lost. So, did you purchase the prizes? Dr. UN didn't do that; instead, he just identified members of society who, in the opinion of his panelists, merited the award, and presented it to them. The Dr. UN Award is better than the VGMA, in my opinion, Blakk Rasta said.


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