Nana Agradaa's church is a big scam, and Nana Brown tells chilling details about how she runs it.

She just proved what most of us already thought about Nana Agradaa, who is now called Evangelist Patricia Oduro Koranteng and used to be a fetish priest before she faked becoming a Christian. 

In this video, she showed how Nana Agradaa's Ministry is a huge scam and how she uses buses to bring people from the village to her church auditorium. 

She said that Agradaa might pay these people to come to the church and watch the fake miracles she performs there. 

A man's voice could be heard in the background confirming what she was saying. Check out the video;


A picture of Nana Agradaa, also known as Mama Pat, posing awkwardly during a prayer session in the church she just started has recently become the talk of the internet. 

People on social media have given their own ideas about what the picture means, with most of them focusing on the act she has been putting on in the house of God. 

Some people on the Internet thought it was a dog-like way to show God how serious she was about her prayer. 

Obviously, the internet is never boring, and if you read some of the comments that are being made, you will agree with this. Look at the picture below;


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