Yellowstone season 5 theory: Beth and Rip parted ways as the star hinted at a more significant relationship

Star of YELLOWSTONE Kelly Reilly has spoken candidly about some of Beth and her father John's most passionate exchanges and the potential effects they may have on their future relationships. 

The location of Beth Dutton (Kelly Reilly) and her husband Rip Wheeler (Cole Hauser) in Yellowstone's upcoming fifth season might be entirely different. Even though the ranch manager was able to persuade his on-and-off lover to be married, their union may suffer as a result of Beth's tense relationship with her father John Dutton (Kevin Costner). 

Based on recent remarks from primary cast member Kelly, Beth and Rip might be taking a break from their marriage in the upcoming Yellowstone season. 

The actress insisted John is still the most significant man in her character's life after the dust settled on a heated argument between Beth and her father. 

Kelly stated, "Kevin and I have now been working so closely together for five years." 

"I adore him so much, and I believe Beth to be her... Although she is now married, I believe that her father is the most important relationship in her life. 

Beth has shown throughout the series that she will stop at nothing to defend her father, his property, and the family's way of life. 

And there's so much history there, Kelly continued. I believe Beth's only goal is to please him. 

Although she's not trying to get his approval, I do believe that she's motivated by his benefit. 

Unfortunately, Beth is still traumatized after accidentally killing her mother while horseback riding. 

Since then, the tragedy has plagued her and undoubtedly clouded her relationships with John and her childhood sweetheart, Rip, who is now her husband. 

Kelly told GoldDerby, "I think Beth harbors a great deal of shame and guilt over some things that happened when she was younger, most notably the death of her mother, which was a horrible accident but it was her responsibility. 

"I believe she will feel guilty over ruining her father's happiness for the rest of her life. 

As a result, she is practically in his servitude forever, which is both terrible, sad, and lovely. 

However, when John started dating animal rights activist Summer Higgins, Beth's loyalty to her father was put to the test (Piper Perabo). 

As Summer posed a threat to their ranching operation, Beth plotted to have her arrested, which infuriated her father. 

Thankfully, John and Beth were able to come to an understanding for their wedding, but in order to truly mend their relationship, she might have to temporarily put her marriage to Rip on wait. 

If she is going to battle for him the way she is - and she has learned from him, she didn't simply get that from anyplace - then we know the other side of Beth, which is savage, Kelly continued. 

The unexpected realization by him that there is morality in war... She doesn't concur with him. 

She also disputes who the adversary is. After telling her to fight everyone, he suddenly decides that the way she fights with someone he now likes is unacceptable. After taking a breath, Beth briefly disagrees with him and declares that she is prepared to battle. 

In the already brutal Dutton family, Beth has shown herself to be one of the most heartless members, but viewers will have to wait until the upcoming season to learn how she feels about Rip.


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