Drake, a rapper, wins a $1 million bet on Israel Adesanya's fight to break the UFC gambling curse.

Rapper Drake stakes $1 million on Israel Adesanya match to break UFC curse of gambling.

Rapper Drake is infamous for overtly endorsing high-level athletes before key events, but he broke that trend when Adesanya maintained his UFC title reign. 

Rapper Drake's streak of unsuccessful UFC wagering ended when he won a $1 million wager on Israel Adesanya's defense of the middleweight belt versus Jared Cannonier. 

The multi-platinum recording artist is known for his infamous "Drake curse," according to which elite athletes and boxers who receive his assistance tend to lose important competitions. And despite posing with Conor McGregor prior to their battle against Floyd Mayweather and losing several significant bets this year, his luck has been particularly awful for MMA fighters. 

Despite Jorge Masvidal's long odds against Colby Covington in March, he originally bet $275,000 on him. The previous world title candidate was soundly defeated by a unanimous decision, but Drake doubled down and bet $550,000 that Justin Gaethje would defeat Charles Oliveira two months later, losing a significant sum of money in the process. 

With Adesanya, who was the overwhelming favorite in his fourth title defense, he was in considerably friendlier territory. Cannonier didn't take use of his opportunity, and the Nigerian won from beginning to end. 

Adesanya may be seen talking on Facetime with the rapper prior to the incident in an earlier clip that was posted on social media. He learned about the wager on this line, with Drake again wagering a sizable sum on a UFC match, but this time he was backing the favorite. 

I heard Drake say, "Bro, I already know what time it is." "You know, I hung a million lights." He retorted that it was "a light mil," in response to Adesanya's objection to the quantity. He continued, "I had to shine a light mil on my brother. "A lock is a return on investment." 

Later on in the call, he continued, "I simply want to wish you good luck. I love you, brother, you know that. You're unique. You've changed, my brother. You have my undying affection and utmost respect. a profound love and regard 

Many joke that the iconic "curse" of the Canadian musician also applies to other sports, as seen by Manchester City's Champions League loss to Tottenham Hotspur in 2019. When several players were photographed with the rapper, they were just days away from reaching their first-ever Champions League final. However, they went on to lose the ill-fated second leg. 

One of the most well-known rappers in the world, Drake, has debuted at No. 1 with his new album, "Honestly, Nevermind." It was his eleventh such success in America and has gained a large following worldwide.


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