The beautiful scenery of 'Yellowstone,' according to Kevin Costner, is what draws people to the show.


Kevin Costner is well aware that "Yellowstone's" scenery is a major draw. As anyone who has seen the hit show knows, Montana's scenery and nature are more or less characters in the show.

 Amazing images of mountains, fields, rivers, and all in between are shown. (REVIEW: The Season 4 Finale of 'Yellowstone' Shocks Fans With Major Death) 

To say it's stunning is an understatement, and Costner believes the series' setting is well-received by audiences. 

When asked how the environment of Montana has helped enhance the show, Costner commented on "Good Morning America" that "I don't think viewers will ever weary of visuals of raging rivers over mountains that have endured the test of time." 

You can view the rest of his remarks in the video below. 

It's difficult to disagree with Costner on this. In fact, I'd say that Costner's evaluation of the issue is impossible to disagree with. 

When I first watched the trailer for "Yellowstone" years ago, one of the first things I noticed were all the sweeping images of the outdoors and wildlife. 

The show was clearly aimed at outdoor enthusiasts, and I believe the idea was successful. It's the best show on television, and I'm not sure there's anything else that comes close. 

Taylor Sheridan knew exactly what he was doing the entire time, which is why the series has millions of fans.

Make sure to keep checking back for the latest information on season five of “Yellowstone” as we have it, and let’s ride November 13.


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