5 Bold Predictions for ‘Power Book IV: Force’ Season 2

The countdown to the new season of Power Book IV: Force has begun. The show — which follows temperamental, foul-mouthed Power gangster Tommy Egan following the events in the original series — left off on a dramatic note, forcing viewers to wait to find out what happened after that episode. 

Things might go in a variety of directions for Tommy and the individuals in his orbit, but here are some of the most popular Power Book IV: Force Season 2 predictions from fans. 

Tommy exacts vengeance on Liliana. 

With Liliana's death in the Power Book IV: Force Season 1 finale, Tommy was dealt a devastating blow. When Claudia Flynn shot Liliana, she was attempting to save him from Walter Flynn and Jenard Sampson. Tommy ran over to seek assistance, but it was too late. 

Claudia's desire to protect her father is well understood by the audience. Some, however, do not believe Tommy will, speculating that he would go after Claudia next season. 

"I agree," one Reddit user remarked. "I believe Tommy is aware that Claud assaulted his girlfriend, which is why he stated that he would not work with her!" 

After showing him the ropes of the lab, they speculated that Tommy would replace her with JP. JP, on the other hand, might not have the necessary experience to keep it going. "Diamond, Tommy, and Vic will most certainly take over Chi-Town," the writer added, "but there will be no place for JP." "Despite the fact that JP is the only one remaining in Tommy's circle who knows how to make Dahlia, which is what everyone wants now!" Going back to conventional blow, I don't see them making any money." 

J.P. Gibbs' transformation 

Other readers urged against dismissing JP. He may be meek and reserved, but following the events of Season 1 of Power Book IV: Force, some are anticipating a significant change in him next season.

"Jp son just got hit and kidnapped," one Reddit user wrote. "I think we finna see a demon side of him next season." "I believe he murders Jenard [thus his remarks] 'Tommy, find out who killed my son.' Also, Claudia needs to leave; she's fine, but she's a pain." 

Within CBI, there is a civil conflict. 

Some speculate that Diamond and Jenard Sampson will fight. They agreed to split The Chicago Brothers Incorporated (CBI) into two sections after fighting over how to govern it. However, some observers believe it will only be a matter of time until Jenard returns to finish what he began. 

"He'll still be focused on Tommy and Diamond," one Reddit user wrote. 

Others, on the other hand, believe Jenard will honor his and Diamond's agreement. One member wrote, "I think he'll be a lot more measured and concentrated on his moves." "He knows his brother isn't on his side now, and I'm quite sure he knows Tommy shot D-Mac and has been attempting to kill him for a minute." I'm hoping to witness a more focused Jenard and learn why he was the reason CBI didn't break apart during Diamond's 15-year absence." 

Walter's demise 

Many viewers believed Walter would die before the end of Season 1 of Power Book IV: Force. He looks to have lung cancer and has refused to seek treatment, shutting it down at every opportunity. For the time being, he's coping, but some fans believe his condition will drastically deteriorate in Season 2 of Power Book IV: Force. 

"Walter will certainly die eventually due to his cancer, maybe mid next season," one Reddit user wrote, garnering multiple upvotes. Others anticipated that "Paulie gives over Walter to the FBI and takes over the group for season 2," among other things. 

Police presence will be increased. 

Whether Walter is apprehended by the cops remains to be seen, but viewers may expect to see more of them next season. Tommy may have fooled New York cops into thinking he died, but he's now in danger of being discovered after being caught on camera. 

On Reddit, another fan wrote, "Expect law enforcement to have a major storyline and presence in Season 2." 

When the show returns, we'll see. While the actual release date for Power Book IV: Force Season 2 is unknown, Joseph Sikora has stated that it may happen in 2023.


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