Toie Ross, Rick Ross' daughter, held a baby shower this weekend to commemorate the upcoming birth of her child. Continue reading to view photos from the event! 

At the butterfly-themed baby shower for baby "PJ," Toie and her boyfriend, Janarious, were showered with love and support. Monica's Party Planning organized the event, which featured stunning decorations and delectable sweet delicacies. Every plate set on the tables included an image of Toie. 

After seeing video excerpts from the event, one fan informed the party planner, "You did wonderful." Another social media user commented, "I knew this had you written all over it." 

Toie's pregnancy became public knowledge a few months ago. Many people assumed Rick Ross' daughter was pregnant, but no one could confirm it. The young woman made her family's growth public by posting an Instagram photo of herself wearing an attire that showed off her growing baby belly. Since then, fans have been celebrating the anticipated birth of baby "PJ," while also noting that the child will be a part of Rick Ross's burgeoning company. 

"I'm a one-of-a-kind individual," Ross remarked in a recent interview with GQ magazine. "And I let the streets tell me when it's time to retire," the recording artist explained. "But I'm a h*ll of a person, and my hustle is unrivaled." I'll have the most money, without a doubt, around this sh*t, in two or three more years." 

Rick Ross owns multiple fast-food businesses in addition to recording and producing hit music. In fact, for his sixteenth birthday, the artist gave his kid a WingStop. Rick also surprised Toie with a $300,000 Lamborghini on her twentieth birthday. What surprises is Ross planning for his first grandchild?


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