I took a loan to celebrate her birthday but she dumped me to wed another guy” – Brokenhearted man cries his eyes out


Some people are ruthless and uncaring. How can you simply end a relationship with a guy who went above and beyond for you for no apparent reason? 

After a lady he took a loan to celebrate her birthday in big style for her dumped him for another man, a young man was presented with a "hot" breakfast. 

According to reports, this same man, who has since lost faith in women, assisted this heinous lady in finding work after years of looking. 

Her birthday was approaching a month after he landed her the well-paying job, and he had no choice but to celebrate it in a tasteful manner for her.

Despite all of these gifts, this lady had thrown him out the window to start a new romantic relationship with another man. 

Regrettably, the man has yet to repay the money he borrowed to celebrate the lavish birthday.

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