I gave my boyfriend GHc 1,900 & my brother Ghc 100 and he’s angry I didn’t give him all the GHc 2,000” – Lady laments


Some men are very shameless and irresponsible – How can you insist that your girlfriend should have allowed his younger brother to sleep on an empty stomach.

According to a confused lady who is currently seeking on Twitter, her boyfriend is angry with her because he was expecting her to give him 2000 cedis and not 1,900 cedis.

She narrated that she gave her younger brother who called to complain that he is angry and has run out of cash.

So instead of sending her boyfriend the full 2000 cedis which is her own money, she decided to give him 90% which is 1,900 cedis and send the rest which is 100 cedis to his kid brother.

The ungrateful boyfriend went to Archie bonkers after he received the momo alert of 1,900 cedis and has since threatened to break up with the lady because he believes she’s over pampering her brother.


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