Health benefits of Palm Kernel Oil

Palm kernel is known to supply many health benefits that help obviates and heal life- threatening sicknesses. 

The tree is arguably the richest tree on earth when it comes to natural endowments. It's endowed plenty of priceless resources, which among them is that the palm kernel oil. 

Palm nut oil is uprooted from palm fruit. It's dark black in colour and distinguishes itself with a novel strong taste and smell. 

Popular for its mending properties across the southern and eastern a part of Nigeria, palm nut is thought to supply multitudinous health benefits that help obviates and heal life- threatening sicknesses. 

it is also useful for cooking as it's freed from cholesterol. As a matter of fact, medical interpreters do advise people stricken by heart problems and high cholesterol level to form use of nut oil when cooking because it's more helpful to their health. 

In line with recent studies, the dark black oil is primarily composed of fatty triglycerides, with roughly 80 percent saturated fats and 20 percent unsaturated fats. 

And it are often found during a number of products, including margarine, oil, and shortening, creamers, chocolate and frozen dessert. 

Here are seven priceless health benefits of palm nut oil 

  • 1. It is a great remedy for epilepsy. Alternative drug has shown that palm nut oil may be a awful result when it involves treating convulsion in children. It's mending properties help combats the effect of epilepsy attack, likewise as offering great relief. 

  • 2. Palm nut oil helps preclude aging palm nut oil could be a rich antioxidants agent that contains vitamin E, let alone the antioxidants properties in it, help obviate the signs and symptoms of aging. Observation has also shown that the utilization of palm nut oil doesn't only help fine lines, it helps delay sagging and wrinkled skin. And in line with research findings, nut oil offers protection from the adverse effects of UV rays and a number of other other poisonous substances.


  • 3. Palm nut oil increases hair growth palm nut oil has not only shown amazing   results, in terms of growth, when applied to the hair, it also encourages thicker hair in addition as precluding hair fall. In addition, palm nut oil nourishes the hair and makes it stronger than usual as a results of the exertion it provides. 

  • 4. It helps to detoxify the body palm nut oil doesn't only remove poisons from the body, it also purifies every cell of the body further as invigorating them. 

  • 5. It helps in softening the skin except being an anti-aging agent, palm nut oil also helps in making the skin soft without the skin getting slithery in appearance. This is why most detergent and cream industry have continued to create use of its oil as constituents when producing their products. supplying comprehensive benefits that are frequently overlooked, nut oil helps in combating itchy skin, further as furnishing relief to ragged cuticles. 

  • 6. It helps in controlling pressure level Studies have shown that also helps control the free inflow of blood from the center to other organs of the body. And by so doing, it helps to keep the vital sign in restraint, thereby precluding the threat of hypertension. 

  • 7. It tackles body odor Owing to its unique strong smell, palm nut oil helps tackle B.O. when it's applied to the skin on an everyday basis.


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