For men: Here are six things you're doing that are causing your sperm count to drop.

Research has shown that modern men’s sperm is turning out short.

A Hebrew University research revealed that sperm counts among Western men have dropped quite 50 percent within the past 40 years. While scientists have yet to discover an exact cause, studies have revealed that certain lifestyle factors have a significant impact on a man's sperm count. The great news is that almost all of the time, those levels aren’t permanent.

Normal sperm production takes 60 to 90 days. which means the consequences of poor lifestyle choices will be reversed in mere two or three months.

Here are a few of the most common behaviors that are causing his sperm count to decrease and what you can do about it.

  • Not ejaculating enough

It’s a misconception that men need to save sperm when it’s baby-making time. In fact, frequent sexual intercourse is very important for sperm health. If the body isn’t getting the message to provide sperm, it won’t produce the maximum amount.

Essentially, use it or act. Health experts recommend that males ejaculate once or twice per week to keep up production.

  • Heat exposure

Exposure to heat is understood to affect sperm production. hot tubs and even heated car seats are all culprits, but one among the foremost common sources of warmth is laptops. Laptop computers can literally cook the sperm.

It’s also worth noting that certain occupations that involve heat, like working as a chef in an exceedingly hot kitchen or as a firefighter in a very non-breathable uniform, can have a negative effect on sperm count.

  • Smoking 

Tobacco and marijuana use can reduce sperm count, efficacy, and quality.. Toxins and contaminants make their way from the lungs through the vascular system to the testicles

Studies have shown that simply stopping smoking can have an impact on sperm count within a pair of months.

  • Getting stressed

Because stress is subjective, it is difficult to quantify its effects, but fertility experts generally advise men to try to reduce it.. Research has found that men who feel stressed are more likely to possess lower concentrations of sperm. Stress ends up in increased levels of the hormone glucocorticoid, which might have a negative effect on the assembly of testosterone and sperm. Taking anti-anxiety medications or antidepressants can worsen the matter. "Some medications can cause impotence and reduce the amount of ejaculate.

  • Wearing briefs or tight pants

Underwear or any clothing that hugs the scrotal sac near the body isn't recommended. the perfect temperature for sperm production could be a few degrees under vital sign, which is why the testicles sit where they are doing. When they’re held too near the body, the testicles can’t regulate temperature to permit for healthy sperm production.

  • Drinking an excessive amount of alcohol

When consumed in high doses, alcohol can affect the flexibility of the testes to provide sperm.

That said, moderate consumption of wine may very well have a protective effect on sperm. The antioxidants found in wine can help reduce sperm’s exposure to free radicals, which may damage cells and DNA.


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