Austin North, known for his role in 'Outer Banks', was reportedly arrested in Vegas for allegedly attacking ER hospital staff.

Austin North recently shared about the situation online, mentioning he experienced a very severe panic attack where he feared for his life.

 He also mentioned not recalling much of the incident.AN provided a detailed account of the events that occurred that day, mentioning that he has been managing this condition for quite some time and describing Tuesday's attack as the most severe he has ever faced.

 He expresses his apologies to the hospital staff and mentions his intention to provide more information about his condition in the future.According to police, Austin North caused a disturbance at a hospital in Vegas this week by attacking multiple emergency room staffers and requiring restraint.

As per the police report obtained by TMZ, officers were dispatched to UMC Hospital Tuesday night for reports of an assault and battery that had occurred in the ER. When they arrived, law enforcement interviewed the alleged victims.As per a couple of nurses and a phlebotomist, they were struck by Austin in a sudden rush. 

The actor was throwing fists and shoving all three of them in succession without any apparent reason.The individual reportedly punched a nurse in the head, shoved another nurse's face, and pushed a phlebotomist into a table. The alleged victim then used a nearby tray to defend themselves by hitting the individual in the head.Currently, law enforcement officials report that Austin was restrained by security officers. 

However, he is accused of assaulting one final individual, although the report does not specify her occupation.Finally, he was restrained to a gurney at the hospital. 

The authorities who arrived to handle this situation stated that they informed Austin of his Miranda rights when they mentioned they were arresting him for battery. 

When asked if he understood, they reported that he responded with "yes."He was taken to jail, where he was charged with gross misdemeanour battery ... and had his mug shot taken. 

Austin has been released on bond. One aspect that remains unclear in this entire story is the reason for his visit to the ER initially.

It is yet to be determined, but the hole in the story is quite unusual. It's worth noting that Austin was documenting his weekend in Vegas on his social media page, showcasing everything he did.


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