''We Beg For Money At Roadside Over Government’s Failure To Pay Us For Three Years’ – Dismissed Police Officers Open Up''

Two special constabulary police officers, Jimoh Lukman and Kareem Fatai, who were recently dismissed by the Oyo State Police Command for alleged extortion, have expressed their concerns about the government.

 They mentioned that they had to resort to begging for money due to three years of unpaid salaries.

In December 2023, State Police Commissioner Adebola Hamzat ordered the dismissal of the officers due to allegations of extortion. The announcement was made at the Oyo State Police Command, Eleyele, Ibadan, during a public parade.

CP Hamzat stated in a press statement that the constables were dismissed following a recommendation from an orderly room investigation. Nevertheless, there is a video circulating online where the dismissed officers explain that their actions were a result of the government's failure to pay them salaries for the past three years since they joined the force.

The former police officers expressed their frustration, stating, "I served for three years and three months," while speaking in a mix of English and Yoruba languages. We were not provided with any salary. We were not given anything. Unfortunately, we have yet to receive any payment even after the dismissal.

 When we visit the roadside, we receive money from the generosity of others. This is what we share and use to nourish ourselves, our children, and our spouses."

The revelation brings up concerns about the well-being of police personnel and the purported lack of attention from the government, providing insight into the difficulties encountered by law enforcement officers in the region.


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