Little House on the Prairie: Melissa Gilbert shares details on the Episode which Made Her Cry.

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It has been a busy year for Melissa Gilbert with her co-founded company, Modern Prairie.

However, it is about to become even more hectic as she assists in launching the 50th anniversary celebration of the "Little House on the Prairie" premiere.Gilbert considers it as "50 years of adoring Laura," alluding to the character Laura Ingalls that she portrayed for nine seasons. Even at 59, she is still recognised for this role.

Despite Gilbert's extensive career and life experiences, it is her portrayal of the inquisitive and daring Laura that has captivated multiple generations.

In anticipation of the upcoming March anniversary, which will include various public and fan events, Gilbert kindly shares her "Little House" essentials, along with other items that help her navigate her daily routine.Melissa Gilbert believes that this particular episode of 'Little House on the Prairie' is exceptional.

"'The Lord is my Shepherd' is my favourite," she shares with USA TODAY. "I believe it is the most accurate depiction of my personal connection with Michael (Landon, who portrayed my father, Charles Ingalls.) There is a noticeable chemistry between us. Everything is displayed on the screen.

This episode was divided into two parts and was broadcasted in December 1974. It is widely regarded as one of the most poignant episodes of the series. 

The story revolves around the Ingalls family and their newest addition, a baby boy named Charles. The story revolves around Laura's feelings of envy towards her father's focus on the new baby, and her subsequent remorse following the baby's passing. It also demonstrates the affection shared between Pa and Laura.

Her 9-year-old granddaughter, Lulabelle, who is the same age Gilbert was when she started the show, adores "The Racoon" (naturally, due to the "dog and the raccoon," Gilbert explains). The episode, which aired during the show's first year, showcases Laura's affection for her new pet raccoon, Jasper, as well as her loyal dog, Jack.

Kindly note that any purchases made through our links may result in us and our publishing partners receiving a commission. Some of Melissa Gilbert's favourite modern prairie styles

Modern Prairie aims to create a welcoming space for mature women to form connections. The goal was to create the site in spring 2022, which Gilbert and her now-friend Nicole Haase successfully achieved. Haase, a seasoned executive with experience at Williams Sonoma and other prominent companies, holds the position of CEO at Modern Prairie.

Additionally, she has a strong appreciation for a salt holder that doubles as a herb container. Items are typically designed to be versatile and easily blend with your existing belongings.

"Nothing seems to be a matched set, as nothing in my home has ever quite matched." If you'd like, you can add these to your grandma's china collection. It will create a lovely, eclectic look.Melissa Gilbert discusses her decision to forgo Botox, breast implants, and fillers

Gilbert has mentioned that she reached a point in her life where she desired to embrace the process of ageing. She decided to discontinue receiving fillers and Botox treatments, and also opted to have her breast implants removed.

"Is it necessary to have them replaced every 10 or 15 years? I pondered upon the idea of undergoing implant replacement at the age of 80." Is that the way I would like to allocate my time and my life?


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