Virgin River Recast for Season 6: Mel and Jack's New Puppy Explained


When Virgin River returns to Netflix for Season 6, one of its newest residents may have undergone some changes since you last saw them.

In the recently released Christmas episodes of the show, Jack surprises Mel with a delightful present - a puppy named Pony. This gift holds a special significance for Mel, as it fulfils a childhood dream she had always cherished. It's truly heartwarming to witness how warmly Mel embraces the pup into her life.

The current dog on the show will likely need to be replaced due to the delays in production caused by the writers' and actors' strikes.

 However, Pony will continue to be a part of Mel and Jack's life, as confirmed by showrunner Patrick Sean Smith to TVLine."I had expected that there would be a time jump after the holidays when we resume Season 6, so we planned to Let the dog age naturally as we returned to production," Smith explains. 

However, we failed to anticipate the impact of the five-month strike. I am unsure of Pony's current stage of maturation. I sincerely hope that we won't have to recast, but it is a possibility that we might have to consider.

What is particularly unfortunate? Alexandra Breckenridge (aka Mel) shares with TVLine that the production team decided to name the puppy Doc in real life, which adds to the heartbreak of his departure. Breckenridge further elaborates that the plan for Mel and Jack to acquire a dog was initially intended to happen earlier in the series. 

However, due to practical considerations, this storyline was postponed."At one point, Charmaine offered us her dog, but I politely declined because I knew Jack wouldn't want the responsibility of taking care of another pet," Breckenridge remembers.

 "In light of the situation between Mel and Charmaine, I couldn't help but wonder why Mel would agree to this." I respectfully disagree with the statement and find it to be inappropriate. 

Additionally, it was during the COVID pandemic, which meant that the sets were strictly secured. Everyone on set was required to wear masks and face shields.

 Considering the current situation, I suggested that it might not be the best time for us to get a dog. Then during our discussion for this year, I mentioned that Jack and I might consider getting a dog.


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