Residents of Senya Bereku engage in a dispute with soldiers regarding land - MyJoyOnline

Following the visit of the Minister of Defence and Interior, along with the Military High Command, lands that were acquired in the community were allocated to military officers in Gomoa Fetteh.

Nevertheless, the chiefs and residents of Senya Breku respectfully asserted their claim to the land, stating that it rightfully belongs to them rather than Gomoa Fetteh, from whom the military high command purchased the land.

The Acting Chief of the Senya Bereku Traditional Council, Nenyi Kweku Kormittey, kindly expressed their refusal to allow the military to assume control over the 101 acres of land.

He firmly asserted that the land had been acquired by their ancestors, underscoring their unwavering commitment to remain on the land, even if it meant sacrificing their lives.

"They initially brought police officers and we managed to prevent them from entering. Now, they have brought military personnel, assuming that we are intimidated."

"The Fetteh people have chosen to establish this land as their boundary and increase their presence here. However, it is important for them to understand that we do not fear them or their military," he stated.


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