Take a moment to admire Nicola Coughlan's appearance in the BBC Christmas special of Bridgerton.

The BBC has graciously shared the delightful first-look images of the Dodger Christmas special, showcasing the talented cast of Bridgerton's Nicola Coughlan, Lost in Space's Toby Stephens, and The Inbetweeners' Alex Macqueen as esteemed guest stars. 

The CBBC series will be airing and 55-minute special called 'Coronation' during the festive season on BBC One, CBBC, and iPlayer. The plot revolves around Fagin and his crew aiming for their most ambitious target yet: Queen Victoria's crown from the Coronation ceremony. 

Christopher Eccleston, Rhys Thomas, and Lucy Montgomery return to reprise their roles as Fagin, PC Duff, and Minnie Bilge, with the latter two also taking on writing responsibilities once again. Coughlan portrays Queen Victoria, Stephens takes on the role of US President Martin Van Buren, and Macqueen embodies John Bridge, The Crown Jeweller. 

In addition to Outlander's Simon Callow, comedian Paul Whitehouse, and Yonderland's Dan Renton Skinner portray The Archbishop of Cantberbury, Royston, Chief of the Yeoman Guard, and Maurice The Beefeater, respectively. 

"Dodger continues to impress with its ever-expanding and exceptional guest cast. The level of talent is truly remarkable!"

 We are absolutely delighted to be back in the top hat and it is truly thrilling to add another Coronation to an already magnificent year," Rhys Thomas and Lucy Montgomery expressed in a press release.


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