Power Force: What led to the death of Leon Franklin?

In Power Force's latest episode, Dead Reckoning, there was a heartbreaking death. However, it is unclear why the writers chose to eliminate Leon Franklin's character. 

Leon Franklin (played by Cayen Amir Martin) unfortunately met his demise at the hands of his bullies, despite his efforts to prove himself.  

During season two of Power Book IV: Force, Diamond Sampson, the CBI kingpin from Chicago, mentored Leon.

 He, being a seemingly reformed drug dealer turned barber, decided to tap into his boxing past to teach Leon the art of boxing. He noticed that the young child was being bullied by some boys in the neighborhood because he spoke out against street violence and crime.  

Diamond also had a strong affection for his mother Gianna Franklin (Renelle Nicole) and desired to serve as a positive role model for the teenager. Despite leaving a positive impression on the locals with his motivational speech, Leon unfortunately continued to face physical aggression from his bullies.

 As a result, he decided to further enhance his boxing skills by taking additional lessons with Diamond.

 Despite the positive trajectory, the situation took a somber turn in episode eight as the teenager visited Diamond's shop to rehearse for his upcoming TV appearance.  

As Leon headed home, Diamond kindly dropped him off and the kingpin had taken the time to assist him with his tie, expressing optimism for his future. However, on his way to his house, Leon encountered a group of bullies who halted his progress. Someone exclaimed: 

"You seem to have quite the confidence, don't you?" After being insulted and provoked into a fight, Leon utilized his skills and defended himself against the bully. 

Surprisingly, they were quite shocked by his response and resorted to using a firearm, resulting in the unfortunate demise of Leon.  

Diamond, who had initially refrained from intervening, witnessed the tragic event unfold and tenderly held Leon as he drew his final breath.  

Viewers were deeply saddened to witness his untimely demise, expressing their shock on social media.  


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