Melissa Gilbert and Alison Arngrim of Little House on the Prairie Formed a 'Instant Bond' as Children

Recently, a friendly individual approached Melissa Gilbert and Alison Arngrim, who are both known for their roles in Little House on the Prairie, while they were engaged in conversation at a social gathering.

 Alison fondly recalls, "She mentioned how wonderful it is to see the two of you getting along now." We were not aware of what she was referring to. It took a moment for us to understand that she was referring to the show.

It would be understandable if there was some confusion for fans of Little House. In the beloved historical drama that aired from 1974 to 1983, the characters Laura Ingalls and Nellie Oleson had a strong dislike for each other. However, in reality, Melissa and Alison have developed a strong friendship since the day they first met on the set.

 Melissa, 59, shares that Alison and I developed a strong connection during our childhood, and we frequently communicate through text messages. I have had the privilege of being a guest on Alison's podcast, 'The Alison Arngrim Show,' not once, but twice. Alison, who is 61 years old, has also joined the conversation at Melissa's lifestyle site, Modern Prairie.

Alison fondly remembers the initial encounter with her friend on the set. Alison shares, "She appeared to be petite enough that I could potentially place her in my purse, although she also seemed capable of chewing her way out of it." She was such a delightful, petite and spirited individual - adorned with freckles, braids, and a charming smile! 

The girls formed a strong connection as they shared their experiences as child actors from showbiz families. We began spending time together. Alison mentions that we used to have slumber parties and attend each other's birthday parties, among other things.

At that time, just like now, Little House fans appeared to be a bit puzzled when they saw the girls together in public. "When we used to visit the supermarket to purchase treats, individuals would often recognise us and approach [Melissa] to kindly inform her of my presence in the store," Alison fondly remembers. They were attempting to safeguard her from my presence.

It is commendable that Melissa and Alison displayed such convincing clashes on the show, showcasing their exceptional acting skills. Alison mentions that we used to choreograph our own fight scenes. When we had the mud fight or any of our rolling-around-on-the-ground scenes, we didn't have any stunt people, if you don't mind me saying.

 They would kindly allow us to freely engage in physical activity, resembling the spirited interactions between gentlemen in an old western setting.

 It would appear as if we were engaged in a simulated conflict, without causing harm to anyone involved.The individual who often initiated these conflicts was Alison's Nellie, who could be described as the quintessential prairie mean-girl. 

However, it was Melissa who had a penchant for playing pranks on her friends and fellow performers. During a slumber party, Alison discovered that Melissa and the other girls had playfully placed rocks and pine cones in her bed while she was asleep. "I woke up and threw everything at them as hard as I could," she fondly recalls with a laugh. 

They seemed to be quite frightened of me for a couple of days! At other times, salt seemed to have found its way onto Alison's cake, and radishes appeared in her butterscotch pudding! "Radish butterscotch pudding wasn't too bad," she adds with a chuckle.

Today, Alison continues to reside in the L.A. area, while Melissa primarily spends her time at her property in upstate New York. However, the geographical separation has not affected their strong bond. 

The former costars' shared childhood on Little House has helped maintain a strong bond between them, much like sisters. "We still have many similarities," says Alison. As we have grown older, we continue to find humour in the same things that may be considered less favourable by others. 

Melissa is truly delightful, and indeed, we haven't changed muThe instigator in many of these battles was Alison’s Nellie, who was the ultimate prairie mean-girl, but it was Melissa who loved to play pranks on her friends and costars. At one slumber party, Alison woke up to find that Melissa and the other girls had put rocks and pine cones in her bed. 

“I woke up and threw everything at them as hard as I could,” she recalls with a laugh. “They were terrified of me for two days!” At other times, salt mysteriously found its way onto Alison’s cake, and radishes turned up in her butterscotch pudding! “Radish butterscotch pudding was not half bad,” she adds with a chuckle.

Today, Alison still lives in the L.A. area while Melissa spends most of her time at her property in upstate New York, but the distance hasn’t come between them.

 The former costars’ shared childhood on Little House has kept them as close as sisters.

 “We’re still a lot the same,” says Alison. “We got older, but we still laugh at the same terrible things. Melissa’s just a doll and, yeah, we really haven’t changed much at all.”ch at all.


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