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Individuals often pursue a career in show business with the hope of garnering affection from others. Unfortunately, my experience didn't go as planned:

 I ended up gaining fame, but it was accompanied by an unexpected wave of dislike from everyone, which was quite peculiar. 

 When "Little House on the Prairie" began, I was just 12 years old. It was around that time when adults started approaching me and expressing their dislike in a rather impolite manner. 

Therefore, the plan of becoming an actor ended up having the opposite effect and did not make me popular at all. I was taken aback when two young girls unexpectedly kicked me from behind, causing me to fall to the ground. This incident occurred due to the character I was portraying, which caught me off guard. 

 However, I soon came to the realization that I was removed from the situation due to an incident that occurred while I was assuming a different identity. 

 I wondered to myself, how well am I performing my duties that individuals are becoming so upset and hostile towards me? I had to take a moment to reflect on the situation at hand and acknowledge that I was portraying a character who is generally disliked, and that I had tapped into a certain aspect of the American psyche. 

 I was not aware of the extent to which I would embody the character of Nellie in the eyes of others. However, it is worth noting that people genuinely believed in me. It was believed that I truly embodied my character. And I thought, Well, it's going to be challenging on my end, but I managed to achieve an excellent grade. They strongly dislike me. 

I was fortunate to possess a keen understanding of the distinction between fantasy and reality. Growing up in a family of actors, I had the privilege of knowing individuals who had appeared on television, and I had even had the opportunity to be on television myself.

 It was quite surprising to hear people calling me names and such when they disliked "Nellie."

 However, I always understood that their behavior was not a reflection of me personally. I've had individuals express to me, "I understand that you're an actress and that it's just a role, but I genuinely dislike you." 

 I have always expressed gratitude, acknowledging the kindness shown. Maybe it was slightly more manageable for me since Nellie Oleson existed in the 1800s and had quite an unpleasant demeanor. I was simply carrying out my duties, and individuals who possessed a reasonable mindset typically comprehended that. 

I sympathize with individuals who participate in reality television, particularly children involved in that genre. Reality TV shows often have a scripted and fantasy-oriented nature. 

Participants often take on specific roles, such as the "bad girl" or the "nice girl." However, it's worth noting that not all viewers are aware of this, and it's important to remember that your "character" represents you. 

 A young individual, perhaps a teenager or child, cannot simply claim, "Yes, I did that because it was in the script." I was playing Susie, who had some unpleasant qualities. It appears that your name was on the screen, and despite your efforts, some individuals are skeptical about the existence of a script. 

Although my childhood was unconventional, with people disliking me for my television role rather than my true self, it's actually quite similar to the experiences of many other children. 

 I've come across stories of bullying, where teenage girls spread rumors about another girl, claiming that she pursued someone's boyfriend or something similar. However, she is only 12 years old and has never experienced a date before. 

Additionally, she does not have any familiarity with the person they are accusing her of trying to take away. It can be quite challenging to go through such experiences at a young age. However, it's important to realize, as I did, that the events described in those absurd stories do not define who you are. 

 At some point, it's important to reflect and acknowledge your true self. I'm sorry, but this doesn't seem to be genuine. It is important to surround yourself with friends who truly understand you, who can see through the baseless rumors and recognize that those spreading them are simply misguided. 

In addition, it is crucial for adults to recognize the importance of addressing bullying, as the kind of mistreatment that occurs in schools would result in serious consequences if it were to take place in a professional setting, such as the workplace

. However, are 11 year-olds expected to simply endure it? Please, let's go. School is a place of work. If you're facing a situation of harassment, it is important for schools to intervene and address the issue, just as any responsible employer would do. 

It can be quite challenging to navigate the journey of self-discovery as a young individual, figuring out your true desires and aspirations.

 I consider myself fortunate as I had the support of my parents who ensured that I continued my education in a public school, surrounded by familiar faces from the third grade. 

Additionally, I achieved success in my acting career and was fortunate to have friends who remained unaffected by my accomplishments, simply because they knew me well.

 It can be enjoyable to gain popularity among unfamiliar individuals, and there are definitely advantages to it. However, it doesn't compare to the genuine connections one can have with true friends. 


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