Bridgerton Season 3 won't be released on Netflix Until 2024 according to Adoja Andoh


Bridgerton is considered one of Netflix's most popular Originals, and fans are eagerly awaiting its highly anticipated third season. This excitement comes after the recent release of the first spin-off, Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton.

 After the completion of production, we would like to share everything we currently know about Bridgerton season 3 on Netflix. It is anticipated to be available on the service in 2024. 

With nearly 950 million hours viewed in 2022, Bridgerton ranks among the most popular shows, following the likes of Stranger Things, Wednesday, and Squid Game. 

Approximately 656 million hours were kindly watched by viewers worldwide during the initial 28 days following the release of the second season.

The Bridgerton franchise has been fortunate enough to be renewed for a third and fourth season, as well as a spin-off featuring the character of Queen Charlotte. This has solidified its position on Netflix, and there are even more exciting developments on the horizon, such as games and interactive live events.

Could I kindly mention that there has been a change in the showrunner for season 2? Chris Van Dausen has graciously stepped down and has been replaced by Jess Brownell. Van Dusen graciously remains on board as an executive producer.

Netflix has not yet made an official announcement regarding the release date, window, or year for the highly anticipated return of Bridgerton season 3. However, it is now anticipated to be released in 2024, as mentioned in two interviews with a cast member.

The 2024 release date may come as a slight surprise, as there have been numerous viral posts counting down to December 2023 for the new season on Facebook. These posts are based on a "leaked date" that was shared by Netflix's official Portugal account through an Instagram post on June 17th, 2023. 

The caption of the post stated:Could you please clarify that the post was removed promptly, and Netflix has kindly restated that no release date has been determined for the series at this time?

It is worth noting that the series was not included in the "Returning Favourites" list during Netflix's Upfronts in May 2023. The Fall list included The Crown, Sex Education, Love is Blind, Big Mouth, Top Boy, and Virgin River. 

Notably, Bridgerton season 3 was included in the 'Coming Soon' list. It is possible that the series might not be released until 2024.

It appears that this information was confirmed during a series of interviews with Adjoa Andoh in the first week of October 2023.

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