Fans Are Going Wild Over This Adorable Throwback Photo of Melissa Gilbert

Melissa Gilbert shared an elementary school vintage photo to celebrate the start of the school year.

Fans adored the photograph where she was almost unrecognisable.

For a trip down memory lane, the post invited followers to submit their own school photographs.

Melissa Gilbert, following in the footsteps of Jennifer Garner, who started off the back-to-school season with a kindergarten photo, shared a throwback from her own elementary school days—one that predated her role as Laura Ingalls Wilder in Little House on the Prairie. Without her signature pigtail braids and freckle-covered visage, she was almost unrecognisable.

The black-and-white headshot was initially posted on Instagram by Gilbert's lifestyle brand, Modern Prairie, alongside a similar vintage image from the brand's co-founder, Nicole Haase. 

The caption read, "Embracing the Back-to-School spirit with a nostalgic flashback!" "The infectious smiles and uncontrollable enthusiasm for this season have not changed. Like @jennifer.garner, who sparked this sentimentality, we invite you to join us! 📸✨ Send us your most cherished school photographs, and let's relive the excitement of a new school year together. Ready, ready, flow those recollections!"

In lieu of braids, Gilbert donned ribbon to half-up her hair in her school photo. She reposted the image on her personal page, where her admirers lavished her with praise. "The little girl who would touch hearts and change lives as she grew up. ❤" one person commented. Another person added, "That is one adorable school photo!" "Absolutely adorable!" Someone else remarked, "What a beautiful person inside and out!"

Gilbert's fans and followers were inspired to share their own trips down memory lane, which Modern Prairie celebrated by giving a shout-out to instructors. The caption read, "Your first day of school photos warmed our hearts and filled us with joy. " "As we begin the new school year, let's take a moment to thank the unsung heroes who shape our future: our incredible teachers!"

Gilbert is fine with the fact that she no longer goes by "Half Pint" as she did shortly after the school photo was taken, despite fondly remembering those days. In fact, accepting her age and current stage of life as an off-grid homesteader and community activist has brought her as much, if not more, pleasure than her days as a Hollywood celebrity.

"I am enthusiastic about this. Last year, she told Good Morning America, "I adore all these changes, observing what's taking place, and getting to know this new person." "I also feel so much stronger and I feel like I've really earned my convictions. And I know what I do not want in life, which is significantly more important than knowing what you do."

Now, she can simply take pleasure in the world she has crafted and gaze back at that happy little girl with a sense of accomplishment.

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