The second-season teaser for Power Book 4 Tommy Egan will wage a bloody struggle to revenge Liliana's passing

Despite the ambiguity surrounding the release of season two, Starz has declared that the next episode of Power Book VI will debut in September with a dramatic trailer.

With Tommy Egan (played by Joseph Sikora) eager to exact revenge for the passing of his friend Liliana (Audrey Esparza), Power Book VI will return to theaters.

 He will rejoin with Diamond (Isaac Keys), according to the video, in his quest to become Chicago's most powerful kingpin. "You ever get tired of being at the bottom of the top, what's standing in our way?" the nasty drug dealer could be heard asking Diamond.

The former offender replied, "Just the biggest connects in Chicago."

Fans will remember how perilously near to death Tommy may go after upsetting the major gangs in the Windy City.The Irish gangster Walter Flynn (Tommy Flanagan) and his rivals the CBIs advised him to avoid Chicago after he threatened to spread cocaine in their city. 

However, Tommy was persuaded to move to Chicago after learning that he had family there and being drawn in by the excitement of the brutal drug trade. 

The teaser gave the impression that tensions between the gangs might rise when it was revealed that Tommy was out to revenge the death of his old foe who had become a friend. 

In the climactic scenes of season one, after being shot by Walter's daughter Claudia Flynn (Lili Simmons), Liliana tragically passed away in his arms.The Flynn family and CBIs, who were formerly rivals, will become targets as the explosive turf war starts now that he has formed his own gang. 

Tommy will take advantage of the conflict between the rival gangs to advance through the ranks and become Chicago's lone distributor.Tommy will take advantage of the conflict between the rival gangs to advance through the ranks and become Chicago's lone distributor.

"Right now we just let them fight each other while we expand our territory," he says to Diamond, "and then, when nobody's looking, we slide right on in."

But the native of New York is never far from trouble, as the trailer indicated that the Feds will be hot on his trail.Although he first got away with pretending to die in New York City, a federal task group discovers he is alive and well in Chicago. 

Tommy will have a new love interest in season two, despite continuing to live dangerously. The two raise a glass to "survival" while she stays unnamed until the next scene shows them saying goodbye from Tommy's bed after a passionate night together. 

Fans will have to watch to find out if she can put an end to his bad luck because he has a history of having all of his lovers pass away. 

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