Little House on the Prairie: Alison Arngrim Discusses Her and Melissa Gilbert's 'Feud'

Oftentimes, what occurs behind the scenes of some of our most beloved television programs is just as dramatic as what we see on screen. 

However, it is not always so dramatic. This was true of the relationship between the two actresses on "Little House on the Prairie."

The relevant actresses are Melissa Gilbert and Alison Arngrim. On the program, Gilbert portrayed Laura Ingalls, one of Charles Ingalls' daughters, who was portrayed by Michael Landon. Arngrim portrayed a character that most people viewed as a nuisance. The name of this character was Nellie Olsen.

At times, Laura from Gilbert and Nellie from Arngrim were at conflict. Some followers concluded that Gilbert and Arngrim were in conflict in real life. 

However, according to Arngrim, the two actresses did get along in real life while filming "Little House on the Prairie."This topic was discussed by Arngrim in an interview with She also stated that she and Gilbert became fast friends while working on "Little House on the Prairie."

"It's funny, but I believe that if you portray enemies on set, you will eventually become friends. We got along instantly. We hosted sleepovers. "People couldn't believe that we visit each other's homes on the weekends," Arngrim said in an interview.

What has made their friendship interesting over the years is that fans have believed that Arngrim was truly out to get Gilbert."I recall we were 13 and in a grocery store together. Arngrim added, 

"When she went to one aisle to look for something, people recognized us." "Suddenly, they felt compelled to protect her from me, as if I were pursuing her. People were shocked to learn that we were friends and traveled together. We continue to"

Actresses Melissa Gilbert and Alison Arngrim from 'Little House on the Prairie' actually got along in real life.

People who knew Alison Arngrim and Melissa Gilbert believed that the two actresses would be at variance with one another because of the interactions between their characters in "Little House on the Prairie."

 Arngrim told an anecdote about one such instance."I recall that she hosted a soiree when we were well into our forties. This one woman stands in the kitchen and says, "It's great to see you two getting along now."

 Melissa and I had no idea what she was discussing. "We simply froze," said Arngrim. Melissa then asks, 'Wait, was there a tabloid story or something?' We simply gazed at one another. It felt like an eternity. Then Melissa responded, "Oh, you mean the show."Arngrim also disclosed to that she and Melissa Gilbert have always gotten along.

"There was never a time when we did not like each other... People continue to believe that we despise one another. However, we are close companions," Arngrim stated.

 "We text and speak constantly. Some of us maintain contact through social media... The cast has grown into a family. We constantly check in on each other."

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