In 1974, Michael Landon recounted an amusing a story about his experiences as a handyman during an appearance on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson.

Many celebrities hire professionals to maintain their residences at a high standard once they achieve a new level of success. The company employs private chefs, housekeepers, and other personnel.

Michael Landon, renowned for his portrayal of "Little Joe" Cartwright on the television series Bonanza, consistently maintained authenticity, allowing his grounded nature to radiate irrespective of his financial success.

 Undoubtedly, he sought assistance in certain aspects of his professional and personal life, yet he remained committed to independently handling certain tasks as well.

Landon demonstrated proficiency in manual tasks, as he willingly dedicated his leisure time to engage in home improvement projects.

The success of Bonanza provided the actor with numerous opportunities, enabling him to make substantial acquisitions. He accomplished this by purchasing a residence that he described as being "beyond his financial means." During an interview with Johnny Carson, Mr. Landon recounted an amusing anecdote about an incident that nearly resulted in significant damage to his residence.

The initial residential property I purchased exceeded my financial means. The actor informed their business manager about their intention to address the maintenance of the garden. Please rest assured that there is no need to be concerned about hiring a gardener. I am handling all of the tasks. The dune measured one-and-a-half acres in size. I have recently acquired a rototiller through a rental service.Despite its apparent simplicity, the task proved to be more challenging than anticipated. Landon inadvertently encountered an issue while operating the rototiller, as he unintentionally disrupted the underground pipes leading to his residence while configuring the machine to excavate a depth of 18 inches.

As I traverse my property, I am contemplating the apparent lack of concern exhibited by the construction personnel. There is a consistent occurrence of pipe being thrown in various locations. "They create a disorganised environment," he added. I am currently disposing of pipes by throwing them over the hill. I engaged in the task of transporting pipes over the hill for a duration of three and a half hours. The issue was related to the pipes. We require a total of 400 feet of drain pipes.

The individual proceeded to elaborate on the narrative, explaining that they made the choice to enter the premises after experiencing difficulties in executing the task with precision. Consequently, they found themselves embarking on a series of additional misadventures related to home improvement.

I have made the decision to prioritise an important task: cleaning the ovens. Do we have automatic ovens available? I would like to activate the cleaning function for four ovens. However, I do not activate the shields. Currently, I am seated, indulging in a cup of coffee, when suddenly, the scene before me resembles the simultaneous detonation of four television sets. The glass has shattered, however, my spouse has not yet awakened. I am not facing any issues or difficulties at the moment.

Subsequently, Landon made the determination to undertake the task of cleaning the chandelier. 

However, during the process, he proceeded to detach it from the ceiling, resulting in an unfortunate incident where it inadvertently fell and shattered upon his table.

The actor did not find fulfilment in pursuing a career as a handyman, but undoubtedly achieved legendary status in their chosen field.

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