Following the burial of her father, a Ghanaian man kills his wife over a funeral donation.

A 37-year-old private school teacher who was brutally killed by her husband over the burial payment from her father's funeral is fighting for her life in the hospital.

At Akyem Pankese in the Birim North District of the Eastern Region, a crime was perpetrated by 50-year-old Baaba Moses, who is currently in police custody.

Paulina reportedly refused to give Yakubu the money he requested from the funeral donations sympathisers had given her during her father's burial. She added that the funds would be used to pay for the kids' tuition and other necessary expenditures.

The mother of his three children was ambushed as she was returning from the farm after a furious quarrel between the pair, and a vicious attack was unleashed on her.

After executing the horrible atrocity, Baaba Moses eluded capture until a manhunt by locals resulted in his capture from his hiding place.

Before the most recent incident, he allegedly threatened to hurt the victim and was taken into custody as a result of a police complaint.

According to reports, the couple is from the Northern region of Ghana, but they have lived with their three children in Akyem Pankese for the past fifteen years.

After requesting a divorce, Yakubu reportedly had to leave the house he lived with his wife.

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