Everything You Need to Know About Outlander Season 7: Trailer, Release Date, Cast, and More

On June 16, Season 7 of Outlander premieres on Starz, putting an end to another Droughtlander.

 However, much has transpired since the summer premiere of the series. In addition to revealing that the expanded 16-episode new season will air in two parts, with Part 2 debuting in early 2024, Starz also revealed that the series will conclude with a 10-episode Season 8.

What this signifies for the plot is currently unknown. As the American Colonies rushed towards revolution, we do know that distant battle rumbles were audible during the previous season.

However, when we last saw Claire (Caitriona Balfe) and Jamie (Sam Heughan), they were dealing with a more pressing matter. The murder of Malva Christie, a young woman who fraudulently claimed to be pregnant with Jamie's child, sent shockwaves through Fraser's Ridge and provided Richard Brown and his Committee of Safety with sufficient evidence to arrest Claire for the crime.

Claire and Jamie are separated en route to Wilmington for her trial by Brown, who intends to convey Jamie back to Scotland – a plan thwarted by Young Ian (John Bell) and the Cherokee. Jamie, now free, set out to rescue his wife from the gallows.

Season 6 followed Outlander author Diana Gabaldon's novel "A Breath of Snow and Ashes," but production delays caused by COVID reduced the original 12-episode season to eight episodes, covering only half of the novel's events. 

The 16 episodes of Season 7 will make up the difference. The action will resume with Jamie and Claire once again pitted against the world and public opinion. The prospect of a murder charge, however, may pale in comparison to the impending revolution.

What else is planned for Season 7 of Outlander? Here is all the information we have about the impending two-part season.

Release date of Outlander Season 7

The new season of Outlander is moving forward. The series will return on June 16 at 9 p.m. ET/8 p.m. CT on Starz and all of Starz's streaming platforms. Outlander will now broadcast on Fridays for the first time in its history, having been a Sunday staple since its third season. However, if you cannot wait until 9 p.m., the episodes will begin streaming on the Starz app and Starz streaming add-ons on Fridays at midnight Pacific Time.Season 7 Outlander trailers

Season 7 Outlander trailer

The entire preview of the new season begins and concludes with the same phrase: "You always return to me."Initially, Claire speaks as if she is saying goodbye to her spouse. At the conclusion, however, as he lies unconscious on a devastated battlefield, her words take on a new, optimistic tone. Jamie and Young Ian are depicted charging into battle with drawn muskets, swords, and an early rendition of the American flag during the American Revolution. Even Claire is observed wielding a weapon in a time of peril.

But Jamie faces a difficult question from a familiar face: "You will not fight for the crown, if for no other reason than to stand beside your son," says Lord John (David Berry), after William Ransom (new cast member Charles Vanderwaart) is revealed to be a Redcoat. Jamie later reveals to Claire that he promised not to confront his son "across the barrel of a gun.

" It implies that the new season could result in a reckoning for someone's revolutionary alliance; whether it will be Jamie or his son is unknown.Oh, and let's not neglect the newspaper article claiming the Frasers will perish in a fire, whose flames are depicted in the caravan!

Seventh-season Outlander teaserThe first teaser for Season 7 was released as an early Christmas present in 2022, and while it didn't reveal anything about the upcoming season, it did feature some very intriguing narration from Jamie.

 "There was light everywhere, but it was neither candlelight nor firelight. I believed that must be how electric light looks."

His dream of Claire basking in the glow of electricity, interspersed with romantic flashes of their lives on the brink of war, was undoubtedly a tease for fans inquisitive as to whether Jamie could also traverse the stones and time.

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