After a boat capsizes on Volta Lake, one person is reported dead and numerous more are missing.

According to a new report published by 3News a deadly boat disaster has occurred on the Volta Lake once again.

The passenger-loaded boat is believed to have capsized while travelling from Dorkochina to Banda Nkwanta in the Bole District of the Savannah Region.

After swimming to safety, two survivors recounted the incident.The National Disaster Management Organisation (NADMO) has initiated a frenzied search for further survivors.

The boat, according to reports gathered by, was overcrowded.

According to 3News, a teacher at the Chinekope M/A Primary School in the Kete Krachi Municipality in the Oti Region was killed in a boat accident.Sampson Adu, 29, is said to have died when the boat he was on capsized. According to information acquired by, Mr Adu was buried in his hometown in the Eastern Region.

On their way home from school, nine youngsters from Accra's Faanaa island colony drowned.

The pupils were travelling from Faana to Kelee in the Greater Accra Region's Ga South Municipality, according to the report.The children ranged in age from 8 to 15, according to additional news from 3News correspondent Joseph Armstrong, who broke the story first. 

Eight of the children whose bodies had previously been discovered were taken to Korle Teaching Hospital's mortuary. On Thursday morning, the body of the ninth youngster was discovered after a frantic search by concerned youth.

According to Joseph Armstrong and Christian Afiadenyo, Municipal Directors of the National tragedy Management Organisation (NADMO), three students avoided the tragedy.

He stated that one of the kids was in command of the boat at the time of the incident, although he is unsure about this information.

According to Mr Afiadenyo, the boy could have been one of the three survivors. According to reports, the town has been in sorrow since the incident.

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