Season 3 of 'Bridgerton' Filming Has Officially Ended; Netflix Release Could Be in Late 2023


The third season of Bridgerton will focus on Penelope Featherington and Colin Brdgerton's love story and relationship.

Filming for the third season of Bridgerton concluded last week in London, nearly nine months after it began. The filming of the third season began on July 20 in London, UK.

The production took longer than anticipated, as it was originally scheduled to conclude in February 2023. The series has already been renewed for a fourth season, so it is probable that production on Bridgerton Season 4 will begin in the summer of 2023.

During its annual event, Tudum, Netflix revealed the first episode scene and title for Season 3 last year. Nicola Coughlan joins Luke Newton (Colin Brdgerton) and Claudia Jessie (Eloise Bridgerton) as they paint each other's portraits while conversing about their characters. The first episode, "Out of the Shadows," is written by the new showrunner for Bridgerton, Jess Brownell, and directed by Tricia Brock, who also directed the first two episodes of Season 2.

"We've been apart for far too long," Nicola writes. "Finally, London's upper class has returned, and so has this author. The question on everyone's mind as the season begins is, of course, which newly minted debutante will gleam the brightest. This year's harvest proves to be quite impressive. Unfortunately, not every young woman has the ability to attract the eye."Bridgerton Season 3 Storyline

Penelope Featherington, portrayed by Nicola Coughlan and referred to as the next season's romantic heroine, will be the centerpiece of Season 3 as she begins her Bridgerton journey. After witnessing Colin Bridgerton criticize her to his friends last season, Penelope has finally abandoned her crush on him. Instead, she is focused on finding a partner who would respect her independence and enable her to maintain her double life as Lady Whistledown apart from her mother and sisters. Nonetheless, her lack of confidence hinders her quest.

In the meantime, Colin has returned from his summer vacation with a new look and an abundance of confidence. He is dismayed to learn that Penelope, the one person who has always admired him for who he is, is now abandoning him. Colin, eager to regain her companionship, assists Penelope in boosting her self-assurance so that she can attract the ideal spouse. 

However, when his lessons begin to work a little too well, Colin is compelled to confront his true feelings for his friend. Penelope's disagreement with Eloise (Claudia Jessie), who has found a new companion in an odd location, complicates matters, while Penelope's increasing prominence in society makes it more difficult to conceal her Lady Whistledown alter ego.

Netflix has released the following behind-the-scenes photos from the production of Season 3 of Bridgerton.Third Season of 'Bridgerton' Anticipated Premiere Date

Despite the fact that fans are already receiving Bridgerton-related content this year in the form of the derivative series 'Queen Charlotte,' we still anticipate the release of the third season this year. Since Bridgerton is shot on location, post-production typically takes only four to five months to complete. My opinion is that Season 3 of 'Bridgerton' will premiere in November or December 2023, most likely during the Christmas season.

Bridgerton's spinoff series, 'Queen Charlotte,' will premiere on Netflix on May 4, 2023. The series follows young Queen Charlotte as she begins her life-altering marriage to young King George (Corey Mylchreest) and enters a vastly different world than the one seen in Bridgerton. Naturally, a courageous leader like Charlotte is driving a societal shift that will impact generations in the world of Bridgerton.

New cast members include Daniel Francis as Marcus Anderson, a charismatic new member of the ton, Sam Phillips as peer Debling, a likable peer with eccentric interests, and James Phoon as Dankworth, a character who lacks wit but compensates with dashing looks. Recasting has added Hannah Dodd as Francesca Bridgerton to the ensemble.

Meanwhile, Phoebe Dynevor has left the program and will not appear in Season 3 as Daphne Basset, Duchess of Hastings. She replaces Regé-Jean Page, who left after the first season.

A period drama produced by Shondaland and based on the novels of Julia Quinn has already been renewed for four seasons. Each volume in the Quinn series is devoted to a different sibling's love story as they navigate the Victorian London marriage climate in search of romance and adventure.

Based on Julia Quinn's best-selling novel series, Bridgerton is a romantic, scandalous, and witty series that celebrates the timeless qualities of enduring friendships, families finding their path, and the search for love that conquers all. 

Executive producers of "Bridgerton" are Shonda Rhimes, Betsy Beers, and Chris Van Dusen, who also functions as the series' creator and showrunner.

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