Power Book II: Ghost :season 3:Caroline Chikezie discusses the "very intense" character Noma.

Power Book II: Ghost is returned for a third season, and the premiere of the new season was explosive. 

Fans of the show were introduced to the new character Noma, whose introduction led to one of Ghost's most brutal and gruesome sequences, the amputation of a woman's hand in New York's Central Park.

Caroline Chikezie, who portrays Noma, spoke with Digital Spy about her reaction to the hand-chopping scene in the script, Noma's origin, and whether her character will clash with Monet.What was it about Noma's personality that inspired you to join Ghost?

Oh, first of all, I think it's always refreshing as a woman to get these characters, which are badass but unapologetic about being so, you know? It's not often that we get to portray such formidable Queen-pin and Kingpin-type females. Wow, there's no tiptoeing or eggshelling, and as a woman, particularly a Black woman, I've often had to shrink so as not to be considered offensive.

Brett Mahoney found it extremely therapeutic and cathartic to portray such a character when he wrote Noma. Because I read it, and it acted on its own. I understood precisely what was necessary. And this demonstrates the quality of the writing. Yeah.What preparations did you make for the role?

I just gave myself permission to be unapologetic because, and I believe I'll use this for everyone, but because of the way I was raised, being in people's faces and confrontational is not my natural disposition. I am so hesitant about such matters, particularly as a British citizen.

So, the first thing I had to do was get over my fear and give myself permission to look people in the eye and menace them without caring; I had to own it with every fiber of my being. Because if I do it differently, it will not be compelling. It is on tiptoe.So this was the initial step. 

The next step was not to judge her actions. I needed explanations for everything she did. To enable myself to do it wholeheartedly, I had to refrain from judging her actions."If you challenge her, your limbs will be broken, your arms will be severed, and your tongue will be severed."

When we first encounter Noma, she introduces herself by severing a woman's hand, which is ludicrous, but it's clear that this is who she is. What was your reaction when you discovered that in the script?

I believe I actually exclaimed aloud. When I saw that, I exclaimed, "Oh my god, what is happening?" Moreover, when I received the script, I was unaware of her backstory. I had no idea what was occurring.

 I just knew she came on and performed this action.I desired to learn more. It piqued my interest. Who is she, and what's going on? And it made me want to know more about her and her history, which is presumably what people want to know: what's going on with this woman? Clearly, she is very intense. What's the matter? What's happening? That is how it affected me.

We are extremely curious as to how she got there. Do you believe we will ever learn this?

Yes. She was orphaned in Nigeria, so she had to endure alone for a considerable amount of time to survive. The British then adopted her. Erm… Brit criminals. East-end gangsters.


sure, sure. East end. However, they taught her evil methods. She was raised in such a manner, so for her, such behavior is perfectly typical.

If you do something wrong or challenge her, your extremities will be broken, your arms will be chopped off, your tongue will be cut out, and your eyes will be gouged out. And it's so ordinary, just like a typical office day.

Then, only banal matters.

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