Cooper Saxe, the star of Power, alluded to his impending collapse in Ghost season 3 by revealing his "one weakness."

In the third season of Ghost, as the race against Tariq and the St. Patrick family continues, Cooper Saxe might commit the deadly blunder of prioritising his feelings.

Power Book II: Ghost's third season is now in full gear, and Cooper Saxe (Shane Johnson), Davis MacLean (Michael Rainey Jr.'s Method Man), and Jenny Sullivan (Paton Ashbrook) are still no closer to locking up Tariq St. Patrick. In a recent interview with, Johnson warned that if the popular Starz spin-off proceeds in the upcoming weeks, Saxe's situation might grow much worse.

Johnson has hinted that Saxe's on-again, off-again relationship with Jenny could prove to be a fatal distraction in Ghost's ongoing third season.Saxe continues to work on Tariq's case during the first three episodes while balancing on a razor's edge with his new partner Davis.He and Jenny have also reached a deadlock after two seasons of being friends with benefits.

Despite this, Saxe continues to express his affection for Jenny openly, which may cause problems once his conflict with Tariq and negotiations for a new contract with Davis heat up.Jenny Sullivan has "creeped up on Sax," Johnson told has sparked a memory in him that he never imagined would become a part of his vocabulary.

And at this point, he seems to be asking, "Well, what is this?"Saxe has repeatedly made romantic advances to Jenny so far this season, but she has turned him down each time.If Johnson's remarks are to be believed, his desire to get another date with Jenny may grow stronger and cause him to become much more preoccupied with that issue than he already was.

Despite the fact that she isn't as frequently engaging in that game with him, he persevered.

It's one of those situations where [Saxe] has a thing for her and I know she feels the same way, but she won't confess it.

But he is nonetheless aware of its presence. And that's sufficient for the time being. because both of them find it to be quite uncomfortable.Johnson cautioned that since their connection has so far only been sexual, fans shouldn't anticipate any further vows of love anytime soon.Nevertheless, he continued, "Cooper didn't really have any weaknesses up until she came into the picture.

Until Riley Saxe-Merchant (Andrea Lee Christensen), his niece, was brought in, there wasn't "Any kryptonite."

She was, in a sense, my kryptonite for a while. Thank God, she was eventually freed from that perilous entanglement."But Jenny Sullivan is now my kryptonite. So, that's something to be on the lookout for.

For the time being, Saxe should devote all of his attention to his collaboration with Davis, who enlisted his assistance in episode three to release his brother from prison.

He shouldn't be thinking about Jenny once the battle for New York's streets intensifies since Tariq and Monet Tejada (Mary J. Blige) are still on the loose.

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