This co-star from "Little House on the Prairie" was referred to as Karen Grassle's "favorite"

When Little House on the Prairie debuted in 1974, Michael Landon put together a group of actors from a variety of backgrounds. In the historical drama Little House on the Prairie, Karen Grassle co-starred with Landon as Caroline Ingalls.

 She recently published a memoir detailing her time working on the project. The former Little House star singled out a particular cast member who she had a special affection for. Karen Grassle, who plays Caroline Ingalls, felt appreciative to be a part of "Little House on the Prairie."

When Landon chose Grassle to portray Caroline Ingalls, his on-screen wife, she had a background in theater. She spoke about meeting her fellow cast members who played the characters who lived in Walnut Grove, the setting for the television series, in her book Bright Lights, Prairie Dust. I was pleased to see the entrance of other adult actors — colleagues, just as Ma was glad to have relocated close to a village with a church and school, Grassle wrote. 

I thought it was my duty as the leading lady to greet them politely, to offer my hand and a smile as if I were the hostess of a party. When describing the people in the Little House neighborhood, Grassle pointed out how each co-star had a distinctive skill set that enriched the program.

She recalled, "The mill owner and Pa's first employer, [Lars Hanson] (Karl Swenson), represented the civic power. Reverend Alden (Dabbs Greer), who led us in sermons and straightforward principles, served as our spiritual leader. … 

Miss Beadle, a kind and caring teacher, gave classes in the church (Charlotte Stewart). Before appearing in "Little House," Karl Swenson, who played Lars Hanson, had a distinguished career.

The history of additional members of Walnut Grove, such as Doc Baker (Kevin Hagen), Nels Oleson (Richard Bull), and his wife Harriet, was then provided by Grassle (Katherine MacGregor). She talked about how each co-star had a ton of experience. She noted Swenson's crucial role in her letter, saying, "The performers, every one of them, were outstanding professionals. 

"The first character introduced in Walnut Grove was Mr. [Hanson]. Karl Swenson had the proper appearance for the elderly Swedish man with the neat gray mustache and the bright eyes. 

Being the town's founder, he held a position of power, and Karl, being the most experienced and intelligent of us, fit right in. Swenson's resume featured work in radio, film, and theater. He appeared in The Untouchables, Perry Mason, The Andy Griffith Show, and Bonanza, among a plethora of other shows. Grassle was immediately taken with Swenson.

She stated, "He had been working since the 1930s on Broadway, on radio, in films, and on television, and had several long runs. Karl was my favorite among the amazing supporting cast members. Karl Swenson and Karen Grassle shared the same political views.

Grassle recognized Swenson as a radio personality from her youth and connected with the actor right away.

When I was younger, I used to listen to radio plays and other shows he appeared in, and I fell in love with his voice, the Little House star recalled. "Karl's days on the set gave me hope. 

He was always seeking knowledge and showed interest in everything. The co-stars had similar ideologies and even political philosophies, and Grassle loved spending time with them.

She said, "I could always count on him for interesting discussion. We like discussing politics, possibly because we had common ground. In a sea of conservatism, the two of us stood out as liberals. Swenson passed away in 1978.

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