Power Book IV: Force second season premiere: Is filming done?

As Starz draws closer to announcing the launch date for Power Book IV: Force season 2, we're preparing for a deluge of news of all kinds. 

Consequently, where do we begin? At least for now, this is a natural place: Mentioning that we are still anticipating the return of the Joseph Sikora play in late May or early June. In addition, we believe a formal announcement will occur within the next two or three weeks.

With the release of Power Book II: Ghost on March 17, there is little reason to wait. Now that we've explained everything, there is an additional incentive to consider the future beyond this season. In the past, we have stated that Starz must quickly renew Power Book IV: Force for a third season in order to maintain the same production schedule as season 2. 

This is the reason why the other shows in the franchise have received early renewals. What we haven't previously said is that there is another reason why Starz should contemplate an early revelation, and it has a lot to do with a potential writers' strike that is hovering over the entire television industry: a potential writers' strike. 

If this situation persists until the summer, the entire industry could come to a standstill. The network would benefit enormously from having some scripts in the bank in advance, and the only way to accomplish this is to grant an early renewal.

Do you really have to wait until the premiere to announce a renewal? You must recognize that viewers will continue to watch this program and that you will quickly recoup your investment and then some. We'll have to wait and see what Starz chooses...

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