Power Book IV: Force premiere date: positive news?

When it comes to a Power Book IV: Force season 2 premiere date on Starz, is the picture beginning to become a bit clearer? We would argue so, particularly when it comes to scheduling the network as a whole

If you were unaware previously, the March 17 premiere of Power Book II: Ghost will be announced. 

In the meantime, it appears like Outlander will return in the summer, while another long-awaited show in Hightown could be delayed for several more months. Meanwhile, Heels could arrive within the first half of the year, but little else is known about it. Ready for some audacious forecasts?

 Here is how themes currently appear to be developing, as best as we can discern. There's a good chance that Heels will premiere in April, and when Ghost concludes its run, Force will take its place and run until mid-to-late summer... which is when Power Book III: Raising Kanan will air alongside Outlander. 

Meanwhile, Hightown may be held until one of these programs concludes. The further we get into this year, the clearer it becomes that Joseph Sikora and the rest of the cast are scheduled for something in late May or early June.

 This is not a program you want to keep audiences waiting for much longer than that, especially considering the nearly continual buzz surrounding the Tommy character.

 In addition to the season 2 launch date, we would also keep a watch on whether or not the show is renewed for a third season. Given the film's previous production schedule, you shouldn't be surprised if this occurs! What are you anticipating the most for the second season of Power Book IV: Force on Starz?

Please share your thoughts in the comments! Once you accomplish that, be sure to return for more.

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