Power Book 4: Season 2 Premiere Date: Will There Be Crossover ?

Of course, there is so much to look forward to when it comes to Power Book IV: Force season 2 on Starz – no matter when it returns!

 This is a show that we've been anticipating for a very long time, and we do believe that it will eventually arrive - potentially as early as late May. So, of course, we’re thinking now about how this season could be advertised … and this is where the questions enter our thoughts about a crossover. 

Given the circumstances, how could they not? First and first, it should be stated that combining this program with Power Book II: Ghost is not a completely absurd notion. After all, just consider for a moment about the end of Force season 1! Whether it's supporting characters like Blanca or something more serious, network executives and producers must consider this. It’d also be a really wonderful way to promote the new season. 

Consider the following: they would need to begin pushing Force during the upcoming season of Ghost (which premieres on March 17), and this absolutely seems like the ideal method to keep people more involved than before. 

If they weren't intending to stick around for the Joseph Sikora series already, they will want to. Also, it’d justify further broadcasting Book IV so soon after the other show closes up. A little bit of continuity would go a long way here, right? We certainly seem to believe so!

If there are two reasons why this does not occur, they are likely 1) it does not make sense within the context of the story or 2) the schedules do not align. Remember that these shows do film in different areas, so this isn’t an easy thing to slap together. Nonetheless, it is quite entertaining to consider!

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