Lorenzo's death is revealed by a new trailer for Power Ghost season 3, revealing a crucial plot point.

Fans of Power Book II believe that season three would begin with Lorenzo's funeral after discovering a crucial clue in the trailer. The trailer for the forthcoming third season of Starz's crime drama Power Book II: Ghost has finally been revealed. 

Fans are sure that Lorenzo Tejada (portrayed by Berto Colon) would die after the cliffhanger-filled conclusion of season two. Tariq St Patrick (Michael Rainey Jr) became linked with the violent Tejada mob family throughout his undergraduate career. 

In addition to distributing drugs for them, their cooperation became personal as the jealous son of Monet Tejada (Mary J. Blige), Cane Tejada, began a terrible fight (Woody McClain).

In addition to attempting to tame Cane's irrational wrath, Monet was stunned to find that her husband, Lorenzo, had been freed from prison after serving 25 years.

Monet struggled to adjust when Lorenzo abruptly assumed control of the family business, and she continued to conceal her relationship with her long-term partner, Mecca (Daniel Sunjata).

After season two revealed shocking revelations about Monet and her genuine relationship with collegiate athlete Zeke Cross, her life came crumbling down (Daniel Bellomy). While viewers learned that he was her nephew and that Monet had adopted him, it was discovered that he was actually her son with Mecca.

However, any thoughts of living together as a happy family were dashed when, in the jaw-dropping conclusion, Lorenzo mistakenly killed Zeke.

Fans are therefore sure that Monet will pursue vengeance, resulting in Lorenzo's murder.

Although his death has yet to be verified, viewers saw a significant indication in the season three trailer.

Throughout the clip, Cane and his younger brother Drew (Lovell Adams-Gray) carried a casket as pallbearers during a funeral scene.

Cane stood out because he was wearing the iced-out Jesus necklace he purchased as a gift for his father.

Viewers were convinced he wore the necklace at Lorenzo's funeral as a memorial, indicating his impending death.

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