Big Meech criticizes "Power" as Lil Meech engages in battle with Michael Rainey Jr. and Gianni Paolo.


A feud is brewing between the Starz actor Lil Meech of BMF and Michael Rainey Jr., who portrays Tariq in the Power world. Lil Meech and Rainey Jr. began trading jabs over the weekend on the success of their respective shows.

 Although 50 Cent mentioned the tension last year after the release of BMF, he renewed the conflict over the weekend by praising Rainey. Meech reposted Fif's photo and wrote, "I'm working towards immortality @50cent, but these folks are still mortal... 

Let's have lunch together later, and I'll give you a free game, @michaelraineyjr." Lil Meech's commentary sparked a verbal battle with members of the cast of Power, including Rainey and Gianni Paolo. Rainey referred to Meech as a "novice" while referring to BMF as "dead." In addition to claiming that three BMF spin-offs would eclipse the Power universe, he criticized Rainey's career. 

"You've been acting since you were 12... This is my third year, and things are already looking ominous for you," he wrote. Then, Paolo mentioned Meech's gun arrest. "You sound like a police officer; you need a new career.... They're not paying you enough to tell," responded Meech. It looks that Big Meech continues to watch Power exactly as frequently as BMF. 

Following the conflict with the cast of Power, the co-founder of the Black Mafia Family contacted his son, and it is abundantly evident whose show he likes. Despite his obvious partiality, he disagreed with Rainey's character Tariq. He added that Tariq has little to show for his hustle but paying Method Man's character, his attorney, money. "He does not have a car or an apartment. Meech stated over the phone, "He had nothing to offer the show."

 "He is perpetually in problems on the show. Who the hell would want to attend college and be like him?" Big Meech emphasized that he is a fan of Power, but ultimately it appears that he does not regard Tariq as a hustler. Meech's criticism comes from the perspective of a regular viewer of the show. However, he made it plain that BMF cannot be touched by Power. 

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"It must not be!" Meech claimed, in response to his son's assertion, that the Power cast considers Ghost to be superior to BMF. "We realize it's fiction, but... This guy is a college student hustling in 2022-2023 with nothing. He was constantly under federal surveillance... You have nothing but a tough time to go." See above for Big Meech's humorous response.

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