The Sandman Season 2 Isn't Really a "Season 2"? Netflix Is Keeping Quiet

Fans are starting to think about the second season of The Sandman, which is executive produced and co-written by Neil Gaiman (Good Omens), Allan Heinberg (Wonder Woman), and David S. 

Goyer (EP and co-writer). Netflix's head of UCAN scripted TV, Peter Friedlander, has given us a new look at how decisions are made from Netflix's point of view. "We wanted to take the time to figure out what the next best thing to do with "The Sandman" would be. 

Because of this, we wanted to take the time with Allan [Heinberg] and Neil [Gaiman] to really talk through and think about how we should go about it... because Season 1 is also very deliberate and thought-out "In a recent interview with Variety, Friedlander talked about it. "

So getting our ducks in a row was really what took the extra time." But when they talk about why the second season isn't called "Season 2," things get really interesting. 

Friedlander wasn't willing to answer that question directly, but he did have a very interesting answer when the idea was brought up that the series would be done in "volumes," or groups of episodes that are more like how the stories are told in the comics.

 "We haven't made all of the decisions yet, but one idea we're thinking about is batching. When it comes to "Sandman," everything is on the table. It's a different show." So that could mean ""The Sandman always goes his own way," we were told in "A Dream of a Thousand Cats/Calypso."

 I really do think that. I think the show was so popular because it was such a great find and such a great idea. We're trying to stay true to that as we keep telling this story, and it shouldn't go in any other direction "Friedlander made a joke, but he didn't really disagree with the theory. 

"I really believe that, and I want to help Neil and Allan tell the story in that way and protect the storytelling so that the audience has the best experience possible. So, part of that is keeping it a secret until we know more."

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