Power Book II: Ghost season 3: News things to expect in Season 3


As we wait for the third season of Power Book II: Ghost to start in 2023, there is a lot to look forward to. Some important characters died at the end of Season 2 (RIP Zeke), and Brayden and Monet were put in interesting situations. 

We could say that this season is going to be the biggest one yet, but let's be honest: every season is going to be the biggest one yet. If the show is done right, it will get more intense and dramatic each week. 

The most important thing to look forward to with the show in the new year is, of course, new episodes. We already know that the first one will air on March 17. The fact that it starts on Friday is a new thing about the show, but Starz does this with a number of its shows at this point.

 It gets you ready for the weekend faster. Unless there is a big break in the middle of the season, this season of the Michael Rainey Jr. show will end in late May or early June, unless there is a big break in the middle. You can also expect a few other things to happen before the show starts. 

We're hoping that in January, we'll get a 20- or 30-second teaser that shows us at least a little bit about what's to come. We're also looking forward to a full trailer with even more good stuff in February. Starz should do a good job of getting people excited about this season, just like they did with every other Power show.

As for a fourth season,...

It's the closest thing to a sure thing you can get. Expect to hear something about that in the next few months; it should be out there well before the end of season 3. What do you want to see in Power Book II: Ghost season 3 when it comes out in 2023?

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