Little House On the Prairie: Melissa Gilbert Shares A Photo Of Michael Landon for A Special Reason

During their nine seasons together, Melissa Gilbert and Little House on the Prairie creator and co-star Michael Landon built a particular friendship. 

Onscreen father and daughter Charles and Laura Ingalls paralleled their real-life household relationship. Gilbert recently posted a touching snapshot from her time on the set of the historical drama and explained the reason for the post. Melissa Gilbert led 'Team Prairie Strong' as captain.

Landon passed away in July 1991 from pancreatic cancer, and several other prominent celebrities have also succumbed to the disease. Gilbert joined forces with the PanCAN PurpleStride campaign and recruited a team for their event on April 30, 2022, in an effort to raise funds and awareness about the terminal condition.

 The Little House alum invited readers to give to the cause in a statement honoring those who had died from the sickness. Alumni of 'Little House' posted a stunning photo on Instagram.

Gilbert uploaded a photo of herself with Landon from the set of Little House on the Prairie along with a statement detailing the event in an effort to garner support before to the event.

Hi folks!! Team Prairie Strong has raised $1,981 to help end pancreatic cancer. Gilbert wrote. "I'm ecstatic, but we can do better; thus, please donate immediately!! 

We are happy to color the nation purple to demonstrate our support for the numerous individuals whose lives have been affected by pancreatic cancer." Alumni of Little House offered information on how to donate for those who were unable to attend the event.

Gilbert added, "Today, I'm thinking about my close friends who were gone far too soon by this cancer." Consider making a gift to help @PanCAN's free programs and services for patients and their families if you are not striding with me today. Melissa Gilbert recalled the passing of Michael Landon.

Gilbert described her sadness upon hearing of Landon's death in her autobiography.

In Prairie Tale, she remarked, "I was devastated." "I remained in bed with the blinds drawn... Whenever I attempted to move, it seemed as though I were going through mud.

 I wandered around in my jammies disoriented for days." Gilbert found consolation in Landon's family, friends, and fellow Little House cast members during the memorial service given for her former co-star.

She observed, "There were a lot of hugs and tears, but also a lot of laughs as we all recounted stories about Mike's amazing sense of humor." It was incredibly reassuring to be surrounded by individuals who knew and loved Mike as much as I did, if not more.

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