Why did John Dutton choose to adopt Jamie? Jamie's Parentage Explained

Jamie Dutton was adopted, and John was not his real father. This was a big surprise in season three.

Jamie has never had a good relationship with his family, and finding out that he was adopted only made things worse.

Jamie goes looking for answers after he finds out he is not a Dutton by blood. He talks to his father about it, and when he finds out who he really is, he meets his biological father. 

Jamie is shocked to learn that his father is Garrett Randall, who just got out of jail after 30 years for killing Jamie's mother, Phyllis. Jamie has a lot to think about, but he gets to know his biological father in the end.

Why did Jamie join the Dutton family?

Garrett hoped that his son would have a better life with a different family who would love him and take care of him after he went to jail.

The Duttons were a well-known family in the area. They were known for giving people who need them a second chance.

Also, the Duttons knew the Randalls because they knew Phyllis before she married Garrett and was living with them. John Dutton probably took Jamie in because he knew the Randall family and wanted to keep Jamie safe from harm.

John said in season three, "When he married the woman who gave birth to you, we begged her not to do it because we knew." "But I guess she thought she could help him. I don't know how to explain the chemistry of attraction, the thing that makes us want to kill ourselves."

How did Jamie's parents know the Duttons?

John says in season three that he knew Jamie's mother Phyllis before she married Garrett Randall. But not much is known about Phyllis or her relationship with the Duttons.

Even though we don't know much about Phyllis and how she knew the Duttons, a lot of fans have their own ideas.

Some people think that Phyllis is Evelyn's sister, while others think that she might be a Dutton herself.

We don't know who Phyllis really is because we don't know what her maiden name is. But if Jamie's mother was related to the Duttons in some way, it would make sense for them to adopt him.

Who is Jamie's real mom and dad?

Garrett and Phyllis Randall are Jamie Dutton's real parents. When he was younger, Jamie was known as Michael Randall. When Jamie was only three months old, he was taken in by the Duttons. They raised him as their own.

His father had trouble making ends meet, and his mother had trouble with a drug addict.

Garrett was horrified when he got home from work one day and saw his young son Jamie crying and sucking on a crack pipe. Phyllis wasn't watching over her baby because she was with another man. 

Garrett was so angry that Jamie was put in such a dangerous situation that he could barely stand it. Garrett k*lled Phyllis out of anger because she put Jamie's life in danger.

Garrett went to prison for 30 years for killing Phyllis. During that time, John and Evelyn Dutton raised Jamie.

Garrett tells Jamie that he k*lled his mother to save his life. He says this when he gets out of jail.

How Jamie and Garett Randall Feel About Each Other

Jamie meets Garrett after he finds out the truth about his family. Garrett is living on a farm by himself at the time.

After a while, Garrett is able to get close to his son and tell him he is proud of him. Garrett even moves in with Jamie at his new house in the end. 

Jamie even shows him his child and the mother of his child, Christina. Things go wrong, though, when Jamie finds out in season three that his father was behind the attacks on Beth, John, and Kayce. Garrett has a grudge against John because Phyliss is John's wife and because John didn't stand up for Garrett in court.

When Beth finds out who was really behind the attack on the Duttons, she talks to Jamie about it.

Beth gives Jamie three choices: she can tell the police about both Jamie and Garrett, she can tell Rip that Garrett tried to k*ll her, or Jamie can k*ll Garrett himself.

Jamie's feelings get the best of him, and he begs Beth to change her mind. After she wouldn't give in, he decided the only way out was to k*ll his father himself. Garrett tells Jamie he loves him while they are on the ranch and taking in the sights. Then, Jamie kills Garrett by shooting him in the head.

Beth catches Jamie acting when he is taking Garrett's body to the train station to get rid of it. She then takes a picture of Jamie holding his dad's body as a way to blackmail him.


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